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Nokia. Your private wireless partner.

Go with the private wireless market leader

Private wireless will be a critical part of building your Industry 4.0 platform. You can leverage its built-in edge computing capabilities for automation. Its mobility capabilities will enable you to re-imagine the agility and flexibility of your processes. And the lower cost of very high bandwidth and ultra-low latency will change your thinking on what is possible.

That is why you need a private wireless partner with you from the planning stages of your Industry 4.0 transformation. One with extensive experience and dedicated practitioners in your segment. Nokia has hundreds of industrial customers around the globe that have deployed Nokia Industrial-grade private wireless solutions. Private wireless has helped them to digitally transform their operations and become more efficient, agile, resilient and sustainable. They trust us to explore all their private wireless options as the connectivity platform for their Industry 4.0 strategy. 

We have:

  • End-to-end private wireless solutions including IP, optical, applications and devices
  • Private, public or hybrid deployment options
  • Solution blueprints developed for your specific segment needs
  • Licensed and unlicensed spectrum solutions
  • Global reach
  • Partnerships with many device suppliers, industrial OEMs and system integrators 
  • Broad partnerships with mobile operators and cloud providers 

Our world-famous Nokia Bell Labs has a dedicated research practice on industrial automation, edge computing and private wireless. We deployed the world’s first 4G/LTE private wireless solution in 2012, launched the world’s first standalone private 5G network in 2020 and are working with NASA to put private wireless on the moon. We are the uncontested market leader in private wireless and eager to help you achieve your Industry 4.0 ambitions.

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Private Wireless is how you Industry 4.0

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Private wireless case studies

Industrial-grade Private Wireless is making real-world success stories worldwide

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Powering the 4th industrial revolution with Nokia Industrial-grade Private Wireless

The disruptive potential of private networking

Watch this exclusive interview with Stephan Litjens, VP of Nokia CNS Enterprise Solutions, to learn more about Nokia's view of the current state of the private wireless market, the most common questions we hear from enterprises, and Nokia private wireless solutions.

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We are proud to share

What industry analysts are saying about Nokia private wireless.




"Based on data from our latest tracker, Nokia is the clear leader in Private LTE / 5G commercial networks in 2020."

Michele Mackenzie
Principal Analyst, Analysis Mason


Dell Oro

"According to our latest private wireless report, Nokia’s private wireless component is growing at a rapid pace, with more than 290 customers deploying Nokia’s private wireless solution globally, in a variety of segments."

Stefan Pongratz
Vice President, Dell’Oro Group




"Nokia has strongly committed to the private wireless market and is one of the top leaders that we track — with some of the best private wireless assets and technology in the business."

Scott Raynovich
Founder and Principal Analyst, Futuriom




"Nokia has over 300 customers and is the private wireless market leader from a supplier perspective."

Ron Westfall
Senior Analyst & Research Director, Futurum Research



"Nokia is leading the pack in the private wireless segment."

Kathryn Weldon
Research Director - Enterprise Technology and Services, GlobalData



"Nokia is a leader in customer count for Private LTE/5G. It has the broadest go-to-market strategy and internal investment in vertical expertise paying dividends."

Patrick Filkins
Senior Research Analyst - IoT and Mobile Network Infrastructure, IDC




"Nokia is a clear leader in private wireless, with over 290 4G LTE and 5G customers."

Will Townsend
Senoir Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy



"According to our latest Omdia LTE and 5G Private Networks Tracker, Nokia has recorded the highest number of private network deployments in 2020."

Pablo Tomasi
Principal Analyst - Private Networks, Omdia



"Nokia has a leadership position in 4G and 5G private networks."

Caroline Gabriel
Co-founder and Research Director, Rethink Technology Research



"Nokia has the largest number of private cellular networks customers globally."

Chris Antlitz
Telecom Principal Analyst, Technology Business Research, Inc.



"Nokia is the overall global leader in private networking infrastructure and is shaping the future of the market."

Rowan Litter
Research Associate - Enterprise Mobility, VDC Research

We proudly celebrate that enterprise customers all over the world are choosing Nokia and our partners to deliver the extraordinary


private wireless customers


years of experience with private 4.9G/LTE deployments


5G SA private wireless solutions in the world

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