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Airscale microRRH

Airscale micro RRH gives the capacity consumers need at lowest TCO

As the world goes digital, people’s daily lives are increasingly dependent on easy access to data, wherever they are. High-quality mobile connectivity can influence where people decide to live, raise the efficiency of their work and increase their relaxation time. By steadily densifying their networks, communications service providers (CSPs) will be better placed to meet the ever-growing demand for capacity and reliable coverage everywhere, indoors and outdoors. Flawless connectivity is fundamental to customer satisfaction. AirScale Micro Remote Radio Head (RRH) allows operators to build networks with the right cell size, allowing them to manage costs and build the capacity they need, where it’s needed.

AirScale Micro RRH portfolio supports 5G and a wide range of frequency bands including CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service), LAA (Licensed Assisted Access) along with a unique AirScale Micro RRH Enclosure that leverages the compact size of AirScale Micro RRHs to pack up to three AirScale Micro RRHs, antennas, passive transport in one package to deliver throughput capacity of over 1 Gbps. AirScale Micro RRH increases the flexibility of the AirScale System Module by providing diverse and versatile deployment options.


Use cases: Dense urban hot spots, grey/white spots, indoor coverage, indoor/outdoor mass events, seamless carrier aggregation with overlaying macro


Increase capacity and coverage

Enables communication service providers (CSP’s)  to increase capacity and improve coverage in dense areas, where equipment space comes at a premium

Reduce Opex

Small footprint, more capacity and less power consumption drive towards meaningful savings in operational costs

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