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Cloud Mobility Manager

Leverage cloud-native design to boost performance and scalability

A key control plane element of the Nokia Cloud Packet Core solution built to support the growth of mobile and enterprise services, the scalability and varied service requirements of the Internet of Things, as well as the evolution to 5G

The Nokia Cloud Mobility Manager (CMM) is a control plane function in 3GPP networks that provides the Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF) in 5G networks, the Mobility Management Entity (MME) function in 4G networks, and the Serving GRPS Support Node (SGSN) function in 2G/3G networks. 

The CMM delivers the scalability, flexibility, high availability, and performance for small enterprise deployments to large consumer networks and to meet growing network signaling loads for consumer mobile and Internet of Things/Machine Type Communications (IoT/MTC) services.  

Cloud-native design

The CMM uses cloud-native and field-proven application software to ensure feature and service consistency with physical, virtual, container and appliance-based products:

  • Deployed as a virtual network function (VNF) on standard x86 computing hardware using OpenStack KVM or VMware vCloud operating environments
  • Deployed as a cloud-native network function (CNF) on Linux open-source containers with Kubernetes using RedHat OpenShift or as container deployment in a virtual machine (VM) environment
  • Deployed as an appliance that provides an alternative for customers who have not deployed any virtualized environment.

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