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Customer Insights

Always on, dynamic and responsive customer experience insights to improve net promoter score

Nokia Customer Insights gives you a complete view of customer satisfaction, revenue, and device and network performance. It helps you identify issues quickly and prioritize improvements based on their customer and business impact.

Your customers expect to consume any content on any device and enjoy superior network and service quality. To keep them happy, you need access to customer experience data and key performance indicators (KPIs). But this information is scattered across different teams within your organization.

Customer Insights provides Real-time Customer Experience Index that is relevant across operator organizations. It provides real-time data intelligence for off-the-shelf use cases that augment human intelligence in networks, operations, care, marketing and management and to automate business processes, for example:

  • Automated network optimization
  • Autonomous care
  • Automated marketing engagements
  • Automated VIP monitoring
  • Automated SLA monitoring

 The tool comes with embedded analytics and machine-learning automation and artificial intelligence algorithms implemented by Bellabs. It provides flexibility and openness with analytics toolkits and open APIs.

Customer Experience Index augments CSPs users and automates business processes leveraging a customer-centric X-dimensional data model.

Customer Insights helps you increase customer satisfaction by giving you relevant data about customer and network experience, roamers, corporate customers, and customer care. You can use this data to:

  • Gain a holistic view of the fixed and mobile customer experience
  • Move from reactive reporting to predictive analytics and automated actions
  • Adopt an analytical approach that focuses your teams, tools, and processes on the customer experience

Our solution lets you boost your customer experience management capabilities from any starting point. It gives you actionable insights on every customer and cell. Built-in analytics that use Bell Labs machine learning algorithms automatically tune these insights to your needs and improve prediction of customer satisfaction scoring.

Customer Insights enables the operators to address questions that are of interest for different organizations:

For Operations

  • Who is impacted? Are they high value subscribers in mobile or fixed?
  • Where are they impacted? And how many?
  • What are the top problems?
  • How do I prioritize what & where to fix first?


For Marketing

  • How are my customers using our services?
  • Whom to target for marketing promotions / campaigns?
  • To whom should I upsell my services?
  • Who is likely to churn? Whom to retain?
  • Which device portfolio to optimize? Which to upsell?

For Care

  • What is the issue being faced by this customer?
  • What is this customer’s profile? Is he is a high value subscriber? What is his satisfaction score?
  • What should I do next? (next best action)
  • Can I avoid recurrence of this problem?

For Management

  • Are my subscribers satisfied? What is their satisfaction level?
  • Which locations / regions are performing well / worst?
  • How are my high value subscribers using our services? What are their top issues? 


KPIs and dimensions for slicing and dicing


degree customer view


Net Promoter Score 2 %


Campaigns with 5-8 % higher adoption rate than average


service problem early detection capability by 96,8%

75 %

reduction in customer complaints rejected to major faults

7-8 %

reduction in average customer care handling time

10 %

less resources needed in the 2nd line customer care

"The decision to onboard Nokia is in line with Telenor Pakistan's ongoing strategy for network expansion, transformation and virtualization. Our ambition is to set up data ready operations by bringing capabilities of automation, intelligent field operation, smart planning and customer insights with new and advanced tools which we shall leverage through our new global partner. We are constantly bringing innovation to our technology domain in order to bring the true benefits and experience of digital services to our customers and we believe this partnership will give us access to a global pool of competencies in addition to bringing us one step closer to the fulfilment of our purpose of connecting people to what matters most."

Khurrum Ashfaque / Chief Technology Officer, Telenor Pakistan

"Nokia's CEM solution and its underlying methodology exceeded our expectations, and its extensive use case library demonstrated the company's proven track record in helping service providers around the world successfully transition to customer-centric operations. We are confident that the partnership with Nokia will be invaluable in our ongoing effort to find new and more innovative ways to deliver superior experiences for our customers."

Hassan ElChami / Chief Technology Officer at MTN Nigeria

"We differentiate Safaricom with our customer-centric approach, so our investments in CEM are important. With Nokia Cognitive Analytics for Customer Insight, we now have one customer experience management solution for the company. We can resolve issues before they impact subscribers. We can give individual customers a personal touch and make our constant quality of service improvements visible."

Bob Collymore / CEO, Safaricom

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