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Enterprise session border controller

Protect IP communications that cross your network boundaries from threats

Today’s enterprise network rely on IP voice and video streams that cross their network boundaries. With the proliferation of BYOD phones, tablets and web based portals, the exposure to threats is exponentially increasing. The session border controller plays a critical role in securing and sustaining traffic quality. But is it really possible to put an SBC into an enterprise cloud, given it has to manipulate real-time media streams?

Happily, yes.

The Nokia Session Border Controller (SBC) protects the network against threats, and guarantees quality of experience for a wide variety of voice and video traffic types – whether that traffic comes from employee devices within the enterprise or via interconnect interfaces to partners, suppliers, and customers.

Our SBC can reduce costs, improve your customers’ experience, and protect your business from threats. It also accelerates innovation by providing an in-built WebRTC gateway. A recognized world leader in SBC technology, Nokia provides all this in a single SBC software load that can be deployed on a hardware appliance, fully virtualized in the cloud, or as a hybrid mix of the two.


WebRTC Developer Portal

Visit the new Nokia WebRTC Developer Portal. WebRTC is a free, open project that provides browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications (RTC) via simple APIs.

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