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Mobile Network Insights

Automatically correlated view to 5G network quality

Mobile Network Insights provides multi-dimensional on-the-fly network analytics, comprehensive correlations and root cause analysis for 5G networks.

In 5G networks mobility management, session control and user data management intelligence are fragmented in multiple core and radio network functional layers. A higher number of radio network elements will be serving a smaller number of customers per unit than in 4G further increasing the fragmentation of the source data.

For 5G network performance data, this implies that the per call measurement data records provided by the network elements are more numerous and fragmented than in 4G networks. For 5G network analytics and troubleshooting this means that individual network element level KPIs do not indicate the full performance. Correlated records are needed to evaluate and troubleshoot the full performance per subscriber or subscriber group, location, device type and 5G slice.

Service providers want to continue leveraging their existing 4G assets and investments parallel to 5G introduction. 5G deployment will proceed in steps: non-stand-alone 5G deployment options will be leveraged at the start. 4G and 5G data needs to be correlated to get a complete view on 5G/4G network performance. Correlated records need to be made available for other applications as well.

Mobile Network Insights gathers per call measurement data directly from the network elements, aggregates, analyzes and stores the records providing per minute, hour and day views to the correlated unitary records. The linkage of metrics and dimensions for each event is preserved enabling slicing and dicing of data in any dimension contained in the data model.

5G Future X

The transformation to 5G passes through a new paradigm of network planning and implementation. In fact, 5G is a whole architecture change. Nokia takes a holistic approach with its 5G Future X network architecture. With meaningful technology strengths in every relevant domain and across the domains, we leverage breakthroughs like Artificial Intelligence and network slicing to unleash the full potential of 5G.

The 5G Future X architecture builds on all the great work Nokia Bell Labs has been doing and leverages the knowledge and capabilities across network domains and layers. Mobile Network Insights belongs to the Augmented Cognition Systems of the 5G Future X architecture. Augmented Cognition Systems leverage the data points collected from the network bringing awareness and intelligence for the business, experience, operations and networks for the individual slices, verticals and CSPs.

5G Future X

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