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Smart plan suite

Realize new monetization opportunities with this 5G-ready policy and charging platform

Designed for the 5G era, the Nokia Smart Plan Suite (SPS) provides policy control and real-time rating and charging functions. It enables new monetization opportunities for digital service providers and a better experience for their customers.

As part of the Nokia digital experience and monetization solution, SPS is designed for multi-vendor deployments. It is tightly integrated with adjacent BSS capabilities such as mediation, billing and a rich set of Nokia Cognitive Analytics capabilities.

As customer expectations change, you are challenged to respond in a way that inspires loyalty, grows revenue and delivers a superior experience in the moments that matter.

Learn how Nokia's Monetization solution enables you to provide a superior digital experience and take advantage of new revenue streams.


Ready for 5G and IoT

With its elasticity and reliability, SPS provides value for today's networks while being ready for the rising demands of IoT and 5G

Agile and efficient

Patented Agile Rules Technology (A.R.T) delivers performance efficiency for highly complex real-time use cases

Truly Cloud-native

SPS is based on a purpose-built, cloud-native platform developed in close cooperation with a large North American service provider that offers 5 9's reliability for data centers normally delivering 3 9's

Microservices architecture

It has a microservices architecture with independently scalable sub-functions, stateless implementation and automated lifecycle management

DevOps automation

It leverages Nokia’s Common Software Foundation and follows continuous delivery principles with in-service upgrades and automation via DevOps tools

Proven and established

Trusted by hundreds of service providers with over one billion end-users supported worldwide

"Embracing cloud native architecture is a central part of Nokia's software strategy"

John Abraham / Analysys Mason


devices in largest live deployment covering 4G and 5G


weeks from start of deployment until ready for service


potential footprint savings compared to legacy systems

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