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Intelligent RAN Operations

Intelligent RAN operations

Go beyond automation with machine learning

With the introduction of 5G, there are more network elements, sites, and cells than ever before. Operating 5G radio networks with manual-intensive tools or even with simple automation is no longer possible. Intelligent RAN Operations goes beyond automation with machine learning, enabling CSPs to be cost-efficient in the 5G era.

What is intelligent RAN operations?

Managing the complexity of 5G in a cost-efficient way requires more than just automation. Machine learning is the key enabler to managing 5G operations. With machine learning, Intelligent 5G RAN operations automates routine network management tasks. It autonomously optimizes the radio network and reduces base station energy consumption. 

A characteristic of intelligent 5G operations is Openness. It means that operations are programmable and creates an open ecosystem where anyone can develop their own custom applications with a software development kit (SDK). Openness helps leverage the best innovation coming from the industry. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are especially areas where technology evolves rapidly.

Why is intelligence essential in 5G RAN operations?

Conventional reactive operational processes must give way to real-time operations with flexible scalability. Manual procedures need to be replaced by intelligent automation. 

Manage growing network complexity while maintaining operational efficiency

Network density and complexity are growing exponentially with the introduction of 5G. There are more network elements, sites, and cells than ever before. Also, many CSPs are still operating their 2G, 3G, and 4G networks despite launching 5G. This increases cost pressure for network operations. 

Reduce radio network energy consumption without compromising the end user experience 

70-80 percent of a mobile network’s energy is consumed by base station sites. Mobile operators face an overall increase of 10-30 percent annually in mobile network energy use. Managing energy efficiency is necessary to control the costs while maintaining the service level that end users are expecting. 

Ensure 5G network quality 

5G networks are used also for business and mission-critical communications where the quality of service and 24/7 availability are essential. Most network outages are caused by human error. Automating operations helps eliminate human mistakes. 

What are the benefits of intelligent 5G RAN operations?

Nokia Intelligent RAN Operations solution implements machine learning functionalities that help CSPs cope with network complexity, improve radio network quality, reduce radio network energy consumption, and improve overall efficiency. 

  • Utilizing machine learning to reduce manual work improves overall operational efficiency. CSPs can do network management tasks faster than ever with automation of routines and zero-touch optimization of the network. We have seen up to 80% efficiency gain in live networks. 
  • Moving from human-led operations to machine-led will eliminate human errors thus improving radio network quality. 
  • Intelligent RAN energy management reduces base station power consumption up to 15%, helping CSPs reach their zero-emission targets. 



reduction in base station power consumption


fewer alarms to resolve


efficiency gain with zero-touch radio network optimization

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