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Real Conversations

Expert discussions with #NoBoundaries



On our Real Conversations podcast, we speak with industry experts to discuss world-changing ideas made possible through innovation. Join us as we explore the impact emerging trends in technology, business and society will have today – and tomorrow – when there are #NoBoundaries.​

Macro impact of microgrids

Microgrids may not be a household name, but this decentralized approach to power is already having a big effect around the world by helping communities go green, reducing blackouts, and optimizing energy costs. Leslie Labruto, director of the Marshall Impact Accelerator at the London School of Economics describes the macro impact of microgrids and how this can help take electricity to the next level. 

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Rise of the industrial metaverse

Luis Bollinger of Holo-light discusses the industrial metaverse and describes some of the use cases he's seeing right now.

Ilyas Khan

Busting quantum security myths

Ilyas Khan gives us a calculated overview of quantum computing and its role in shaping and securing the future of tech

Mimi Nicklin

Corporate empathy and the metaverse

Mimi Nicklin explains the origins of empathy and its significance in the design of grounded and virtual environments where the stakes are high.


Practical insight from first metaverse founder

Philip Rosedale is the Founder of Linden Lab, parent company of Second Life, an open-ended, internet-connected virtual world and pioneering metaverse.


UN approach to women in tech

Mardia Niehaus explains why breaking the glass ceiling starts at the ground floor and how our future depends on it.

Sebastian Eger

How robots gain the gift of sight

Sebastian Eger on how seeing is believing and why granting robots the gift of sight with cameras, 5G and edge cloud opens a world of possibility.

Jefferson Wang

Why the network matters

Jefferson Wang explains why a modern network is required for digital transformation and it is a competitive advantage


The metaverse and the future of work

Bernard Marr – prepares us for the future of work – discussing what role the metaverse will play


‘Customer guy’ talks the metaverse

Steven Van Belleghem – who has devoted his career to customer experience – discusses what it will mean in the metaverse


A ‘hands-on’ view of the metaverse

Listen to Dorian Banks, CEO of Looking Glass Labs, describe the business benefits and opportunities in nascent metaverse platforms.

Emma Chiu

'Top metaverse executive' spills the beans

Emma Chiu, global director at Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, explains the metaverse.

Jitin Bhandari

Unlocking revenue with Network as Code

Hear Jitin Bhandari, Nokia CTO of Cloud and Network Services on how unlocking new revenue through collaboration starts with Network as Code.

Anne Lee

Insights from a female tech pioneer

Hear Bell Labs Chief Technology Partner and 2020 Ada Lovelace Honoree as a “pioneering software engineer” in telecommunications technology, Anne Lee talk women in tech.

henrik von scheel

Industry 4.0 resets the competitive landscape

Hear ‘father of Industry 4.0’ Henrik von Scheel’s entertaining insights on how I4.0 will reset the competitive landscape.

Jennifer Kent

Lessons for success in Industry 4.0

Hear Jennifer Kent, Vice President of Research at Parks Associates, share insight on Industry 4.0 and overcoming roadblocks to success

petra de sutter

Closing the digital divide across Belgium

Hear Madam Petra De Sutter, deputy Prime Minister of Belgium, discuss digital initiatives taking place across the country.

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