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Cybersecurity consulting

End-to-end security for critical networks

Is your 5G security roadmap ready?

Nokia’s cybersecurity consulting services help you assure 5G security and privacy for critical networks.

Nokia cybersecurity consulting brings deep 5G security expertise and one of the world’s only end-to-end 5G security assessment and insight capabilities to help you transform your 5G security operations and stay ahead of cybersecurity threats. We have the know-how you need to manage cyber threats and protect the security and privacy of sensitive business data, critical infrastructure, and all other aspects of your critical network.

Security assessment services

To improve your security posture, you must start by understanding your current state. Is your technology up to date? Are your processes and policies as effective as they should be? Where are the gaps or weaknesses that could leave you vulnerable? We help you establish your baseline with a complete risk assessment, security scan, architecture review and compliance audit process specific to the threat profile of your technology and market.

4G/5G security transformation services

The cloud, software-defined networks (SDNs) and 5G evolution all demand a shift in security operations — especially the use of automation to support new use cases and ensure security doesn’t bottleneck service delivery. Based on our security assessment and your goals, our team will recommend a cybersecurity roadmap tailored to your business to take your security architecture to the next level. Choose an end-to-end transformation package or individual modules such as 5G core security transformation consulting or consulting for Shared Data Layer security.

Security operations services

5G security operations require more than just the latest equipment. You also need to understand how to integrate that equipment with the latest frameworks, methodologies, and processes, and how to evolve your operations along with them. We help you transform your security operations with advanced orchestration, analytics, and response, and by enabling a consolidated view of security threats and your security posture so you can respond faster and more effectively. No matter your Security Operations Center (SOC) model — virtual, multi-functional or dedicated to a command SOC — we work with your environment and organizational structure.

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