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Cognitive collaboration hubs

Bringing people, technologies and processes together for innovation and problem solving

Nokia Cognitive Collaboration Hubs (C-Hubs) are physical spaces where communication service providers, enterprises and partners can come together to discuss and learn how AI and cognitive analytics can help address key challenges you are facing.  Whether your challenge is improving network performance, automating operations, enhancing subscriber experience or exploring new revenue streams, C-Hubs facilitate the co-creation of innovative, tailored cognitive use cases and solutions by bringing together the right people, technologies and processes and leveraging data science expertise.

Our domain expertise doesn’t stop at bringing out the best of the network for telecom services.  C-Hubs further facilitate discussion on what is the right commercial model to help you monetize the value of your network data.The C-Hubs are part of our industry-leading AVA Telco AI Ecosystem

The outcome? 

The best cognitive analytics solutions designed to address your specific challenges; implemented faster, resulting in improved business performance and return on investment.

Cognitive Developer Framework

This framework combines a series of tools, processes, and methodologies, creating an environment that makes it fast and easy for developers to create new use cases. The development process is based on a set of underlying design principles:

  • A customer-centric, design thinking approach reliant on close customer collaboration and continuous service improvement
  • Cross-functional teams, including customers, data scientists, visualization experts and domain experts that adopt a DevOps/Agile mode of working
  • Iterative development loops which validate outcomes and support experimentation
  • Rapid response to changing customer demands, inputs and interactions

Telco Expertise

Nokia is consistently at the forefront of telecommunications technology innovation. Managing over one billion subscribers globally, our extensive expertise sets us apart from the competition and is just one reason why customers, developers, and consultants partner with us.

Open Ecosystem Network

This is our marketspace where partners can respond to public challenges, bid for projects, and search for new ideas, partners and solutions. With over 37,000 registered users, this open co-creation environment brings together the most ambitious organizations and brightest individuals to help them innovate and grow their businesses bigger, better and faster.

Extensive use cases

Our extensive database of existing use cases is available to leverage in the creation and deployment of new solutions tailored to fit your needs.

Open API

Our open API approach enables 3rd party vendors to tap into the AVA ecosystem and leverage the immense power and analytics capabilities of the platform in the creation and integration of telco and non-telco applications and use cases.

Innovation and value creation in the 5G era


"Don't take our word for it. Driver Behavior Analytics has been trialed by Dubai Police. "The Dubai Future Accelerators program aims to pair government entities with companies to co-create the future for the advancement of humanity. With society's safety in mind, Nokia's Driver Behavior Analytics is a testament to our aim and efforts, and is seen as a step closer towards shaping a better future for Dubai through the adoption of technologies."

Saeed Al Falasi
Saeed Al Falasi / Executive Director, Platforms of the Future at Dubai Future Foundation

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