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Data Marketplace

Secure data exchange and AI/ML orchestration with blockchain

What is data marketplace?

The value of a data marketplace is to facilitate the data trading and exchange process as efficiently and securely as possible while removing obstacles that prevent buyers and sellers from performing their activities.

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Nokia Data Marketplace is a proven, secure and scalable solution for business to business (B2B) data exchange and monetization. Based on a unique set of features and secured by blockchain, the Nokia Data Marketplace provides enterprises and communications service providers (CSPs) access to rich datasets as well as AI/ML orchestration capabilities.

The solution supports multiple data sharing and trust models to cater to the requirements of different datasets and customer needs. Available through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model, it offers enhanced automation, efficiency and scalability to CSPs and enterprises in a variety of industry verticals, including telco, government, energy, health care, transportation and logistics. With our SaaS model, customers also benefit from faster time to value, improved financial performance and greater business agility.

Nokia Data Marketplace

Infographic – data marketplace for digital transformation and data monetization

Nokia Data Marketplace infographic


Nokia blockchain marketplace

Nokia Data Marketplace uses private permissioned blockchain to enable trusted contracts and secure transaction mechanisms


Multiple data sharing and trust archetypes

The underlying data marketplace infrastructure offers a range of data science processing archetypes for the member organization to select from


Data format agnostic

Data format are not standardized to provide flexibility for data providers and data consumers to perform data transformation as per specific needs or algorithms

Features and benefits of Nokia Data Marketplace


Secure data exchange

Easily exchange data among units within a large enterprise or an ecosystem


Blockchain/trusted monetization

Digital catalogue, trusted contracts, transactional mechanisms


Federated AI/ML orchestration

Easily execute algorithms on data stored in multiple locations without actual data transfer, using federated learning

Data Sheet

Data privacy and security

Data is not stored in the marketplace, the solution just controls the secure data exchange between buyer and seller

Use cases for federated learning and data monetization

Predictive Maintenance

Increase equipment availability by optimizing maintenance planning, spare parts stock levels and employee resources

Predictive traffic management

Improve urban traffic management strategies to avoid congestion and pollution

Supply chain automation

Optimize logistics network performance, reduce delays by automating settlements between the stakeholders

Federated intelligence

Improve intelligence exchange between government agencies for faster actions

AI-based health recommendations

Enable clinical decision support systems to tailor treatment to individuals or patient groups

Environmental data monetization

Increase yield, minimize herbicides and optimize the use of fertilizers depending on actual (non-uniform) soil conditions by algorithm-driven control of farm equipment

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