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NDAC Consultative Optimization Services

Ensure private network quality


The number of private networks is growing exponentially, delivering benefits to the users, and enabling a wide variety of uses cases driving Industry 4.0. Just as commercial networks, private wireless networks need to be optimized as well, to deliver peak performance. Nokia wants to ensure private wireless customers can turn to a vendor with global reach and complete technology view, having in-house competencies for thorough understanding of current performance, quality, and reliability of their NDAC solution.

To get legacy or new applications to work and perform well over routed 4G/5G NDAC networks instead of WiFi. As they may face problems with varying throughput and latency performance in case of topology changes and capacity increase due to non-optimal parameter settings.

What is Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC)?

Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) is a high-performance, end-to-end private wireless networking and edge computing platform designed to meet the mission-critical needs of asset-intensive industries, governments, cities and webscale businesses.

Offered as a service, Nokia DAC combines reliable high-bandwidth, low latency 4G/5G connectivity with local edge computing capabilities and a catalog of click & deploy applications. Add to that our portfolio of ruggedized Nokia Industrial user equipment to ensure that whatever your industry or use case, we’ve got you covered.

What does NDAC Consultative Optimization Services cover?

Consultative Optimization Services offer the necessary steps to perform remote and onsite optimization activities, to tune the existing infrastructure to the dynamic requirements. Nokia completes audits and provides recommendations for network configurations and settings. As part of the services, Nokia assesses customer network and offers to tune customer network performance, and as a separate step makes sure those are implemented to bring the predicted benefits.

What are the steps of Consultative Optimization Services?  

Consultative Optimization Services cover two major phases. The first Consists of the audit, assessment, remote tuning and recommendation steps to ensure with existing physical settings you get the best out of the network.  

The second phase includes processes that require onsite presence.  This might include drive and walk tests, along with physical configuration of sites, radio antennas and other network equipment. 

When do you need Consultative Optimization Services?

Networks and enabled services evolve over time. After private networks are deployed, the usage naturally increases. New use case, devices and services are implemented constantly thus requiring review, analysis and tuning to provide the best network quality and ensure all services are enabled and supported by a high performing network.

What are the benefits of NDAC Consultative Optimization Services?

Consultative Optimization Services ensure improved network performance, quality, and user experience. It guarantees the network can deal with the load and performance requirements it is expected to deliver, even after the introduction of new devices, applications, and use cases.


When you engage with Nokia, you can expect to gain the following short-term and long-term benefits


Immediate improvements in network quality

Implementing network setting and configuration recommendations 


Improved user experience  

Directly impacted by network performance improvement.

Use cases

Robust network  

That guarantees use case requirements and provides a solid foundation for expansion. 

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