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Operations support system (OSS) for industries

Keep costs low while improving performance in highly complex environments.

Network operators of private and public organizations are under a lot of pressure to improve their communications services (availability, coverage, and support of new services). At the same time, they are facing sharp spending constraints in today’s difficult economic environment. To address these challenges, these organizations must enhance the efficiency and flexibility of their communication platforms through improving their existing networks. All the while ensuring they can work seamlessly together despite being based on multiple technologies, vendors and domains.

The introduction of an advanced, multi-vendor Operating Support System (OSS) can meet these competing needs, holding down costs while improving performance in highly complex environments.

The Nokia OSS solution plays this essential role in rationalizing infrastructure in the most efficient way, managing the interdependencies among the different applications, communications services, and network technologies. It provides the required transparency on the infrastructure, service, configuration and data through building a management layer around the communication services that secures and optimizes the organization’s resources.



Nokia provides OSS consulting, design, operations optimization, deployment and, integration services with selected best of breed third-party suppliers to meet customer-specific requirements. Options include a "Build, Operate and Transfer" model and an outsourced network management service that leverages the Nokia Global Network Operations Center (GNOC).

The OSS solution encompasses:

Status: Fault management

Fast detection of outage, its root cause and business impact.

Inventory management

Easy-to-use end-to-end documentation for the network and datacenter.

Processes: Work process management

Efficient execution of best-practice processes based on ITIL.

Visualization: Common portal

Presentation of the required information in a sufficient/user friendly way.

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