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Meet the visionary leaders of the digital era

Enterprises and governments around the world are transforming their operations with modernized networks that help them digitalize, and achieve new levels of performance, productivity, efficiency, sustainability, safety and more.

See how Nokia is working with these industry-leading organizations as they harness the exponential potential of networks to deliver real results.



Oil & Gas

Renewable energy

Manufacturing and logistics


Arçelik: Leading the smart factory revolution

Ubiquitous connectivity, Industry 4.0 and advanced factory automation are bringing incredible opportunities to the manufacturing sector. The collaboration between Nokia,…

Private 5G Manufacturing Road Trip Across Europe - BASF, Spain

Learn more about the digitalization of BASF and how they leverage private wireless in their chemical plant in Tarragona, Spain.

Private 5G Manufacturing Road Trip Across Europe - Butachimie (Ottmarsheim, France)

Learn more about digitalization of Butachimie and how they leverage private wireless in their chemical plant in Ottmarsheim, France.

Supply chain and logistics


Scaling metro-urban travel for the digital age

As one of the largest metro rail projects in Europe, the Grand Paris Express will move 2 million passengers a day over 200km of automated train lines. To ensure safe journeys…

Speeding rail travel for commuters in India

The National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) is creating a safer and faster travel experience for commuters between Delhi and Meerut. Using powerful network…

Digitalization for Perth’s railway future

The Public Transport Authority (PTA) of Western Australia is building a next generation communication system that covers 250km of railway track. The modernization and…




Research and Education Networks

CANARIE: Empowering research communities to innovate without limits

CANARIE is the backbone of Canada’s National Research and Education Network, connecting the country’s post-secondary students, researchers and innovators to each other and to…

ESNet: Advancing collaborative scientific research

ESNet6 is the U.S. Department of Energy’s high-performance network dedicated to collaborative scientific research. The next generation IP network offers the required speed,…



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