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Services for mobile networks

Maximize the business value of your network lifecycle

With the increasing adoption of 5G, the network complexity is growing, which requires intelligent solutions to keep the subscribers connected and happy.

Investing in the best radio products is the first step. To make a significant impact on your business outcome, an equally important step is actively driving the entire lifecycle of your radio network. We have designed our Services for Mobile Networks to support you all the way.

Why are infrastructure services important for mobile network operators?

With the increasing complexity of mobile networks, operators need to look beyond infrastructure investments. Driving the network lifecycle actively across the phases of network design and optimization, deployment as well as network care is business critical. 

Doing nothing is not an option –with countless inter-dependencies, thousands of configuration parameters per cell site, and tens of thousands of beam patterns to match the traffic patterns in the network, handling everything manually is no longer an option.

By leveraging the right services from Nokia in each phase and utilizing digital platforms with artificial intelligence, you create massive impact on network performance, revenues, total cost of ownership (TCO) and sustainability – all contributing to the business value of your mobile network.

How can Nokia help maximize network business value with services?

At Nokia, we have a unique approach that combines innovative digital platforms and service expertise. Our service experts understand the intricacies of radio networks and the capabilities of our products as they are working closely with our R&D. We can help you plan and drive the network lifecycle, maximizing the business impact.

Our comprehensive digital approach helps you:

  • optimize your network for high performance and low energy consumption
  • accelerate time-to-market for the latest technologies such as 5G
  • maximize the productivity of your people and assets.

Safaricom Kenya: Winning the game with help from Nokia Digital Care Services

What services for mobile networks does Nokia offer?

We have a comprehensive service offer for all phases in the network lifecycle including: Network design and optimization, Network deployment and Network care.

Network planning and optimization

Become the network performance and sustainability leader

Network design lays the foundation for the entire business value of the network. It has long-lasting effects on performance, sustainability, and costs. Did you know that in this phase, artificial intelligence and digital twin technology can significantly shorten the time to reach your target performance? We have seen 30% faster RAN design and performance optimization results when leveraging AI and digital solutions.

  • 20% lower energy consumption
  • Powered by AI and digital twin technology

Network deployment services

Reduce time-to-market with first-time-right quality

We can help you shorten time-to-market by 30% with our entirely digitalized network deployment services. Digital site surveys and site documentation replace the heavy paperwork, and our digital twin technology makes site engineering easier and more efficient. Accelerating new mobile network deployments with top-quality digital engineering right from the start creates a massive competitive advantage and a positive impact on revenues.

  • 30% shorter time to market with 100% digitalization
  • High degree of automation with predictable outcome

Technical Support Services for network care

Maximize network availability and personnel productivity

In a commercial production network, availability of service is essential to keep subscribers connected and happy. Our AI/ML based omnichannel technical support services for network maintenance can predict faults with accuracy and help resolve issues 30% faster by providing the right information to care engineers exactly when they need it.

We perform all services in the most sustainable way – minimizing your network’s energy consumption, avoiding drive tests, paper and site visits – and guarantee the security of your sensitive network data at all stages.

  • Resolve faults 30% faster
  • AI/ML based predictive analytics

What are the benefits of services for mobile networks?

As digital transformation picks up speed, our customers trust Nokia’s support across their entire network lifecycle. Some of our customer cases include:

Tier 1 operator in Asia Pacific achieved 23% improvement in Return on Investment and was able to reduce customer churn with our Smart CAPEX mobile network planning service. 

When performing digital deployment of 15,000 sites for tier 1 operator in Asia Pacific, we reduced lead time by 30% and number of site visits by 33%

For a tier 1 operator in the U.S., we provided full transparency of what is going on in their network. Our Nokia Digital Assistant and learning solutions helped care engineers accelerate issue resolution by 40%.

2 million

nodes upgraded per year


sites designed and optimized per year

1.3 million

­ AI/ML driven quality and Health & Safety checks


­sites deployed per year



­customers on Nokia Digital Assistant

Why Nokia services for mobile networks?

Design & optimization

Network performance and energy efficiency leadership with Nokia‘s analytics ecosystem

Become the network performance and sustainability leader with fast, accurate and comprehensive RAN design and optimization results. Nokia’s unique connected analytics ecosystem and the deep, certified expertise on latest Nokia products get you 20% network performance gain at 20% lower energy consumption.


Time to market turbo for new network tech powered by all digital agile deployment platform

Propel and de-risk the time to market for new network technology and future scenarios with Nokia’s digital deployment for complete and predictable outcomes - from project planning to acceptance – be 30% faster than competition and outpace them with first-time-right quality.


Superior technical support service experience and network availability with Nokia‘s AI/ML driven support

Maximize the availability of your network and the productivity of your people with Nokia’s AI/ML powered omni-channel technical support services for fast and predictive support – resolve cases 30% faster and predict faults with 90% accuracy in advance.

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