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Subscriber Experience Analytics

Use AI to uncover hidden patterns to enhance experience

How to overcome telco network complexity?

CSPs are being pressured by competitive telco markets into launching exciting services quickly to grow revenue. Yet this must be done while also ensuring a superb telco customer experience that maintains and improves the CSP’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) and reduces subscriber churn.

Without detailed planning ahead of a service launch, a CSP risks issues arising, such as network bottlenecks, as customers take up the new service. Yet network complexity makes it challenging to predict issues and pinpoint the causes of service degradations when the occur. It can all be a headache for a CSP’s executives, especially their Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and COOs.

How to ensure superb telco customer experiences and improve NPS

By accessing and analyzing vast amounts of data from the network, CSPs can gain detailed insights into subscriber behavior and trends in service use that will help them to improve the quality of network services. Such business insights enable CSPs to manage network performance and support the growing diversity of connected devices more effectively.

CSPs need to be able to address customer experience issues that arise by finding the underlying key performance indicators (KPIs) that are causing performance degradations. It is also beneficial for CSPs to be able to predict service quality changes in certain clusters, and by analyzing historical data, to see which clusters might potentially degrade over time.

How can we help telcos to build brand reputation?

Nokia AVA helps CSPs to improve the quality of services by enabling the automated and effective analysis, prediction and resolution of potential network and customer experience issues. AVA can detect potential network issues, such as outages and service degradation, and proactively issue alerts to help the CSP take preventive action.

AVA can generate weekly and monthly reports to predict and help improve NPS, as well as model multiple outcomes and prioritize them based on, for example, business benefits.

Case study
US case study video analytics

Predictive Video Analytics


Service Modeling and Impact Analysis

Uses AI and data analytics to enable a CSP to shift from reactive troubleshooting to proactive actions prioritized according to impact.

  • Service degradations are predicted
  • Faster root cause analysis
  • 20% reduction of customer complaints 

Predictive video analytics

Applies intelligence to the network edge to boost video quality of experience through the real-time optimization of the radio network.

  • The amount of network data that needs to be transferred is reduced by 90% 
  • Video buffering is reduced by 59%
  • 15% fewer YouTube sessions suffer long playback

Geodata as-a-Service

Enables three-dimensional visualization of network data to help CSPs quickly identify patterns and trends to support network planning, maintenance and optimization. CSPs can save CAPEX by identifying macro sites suitable for remote tuning to reduce costs and offer better services.

  • Faster troubleshooting reduces OPEX
  • Reduced churn by analyzing video use in specific locations

Nokia helps Tier 1 Australian Service Provider win top NPS score


As in many other mobile markets, revenues are flat but operating costs continue to climb, driven by ongoing network investments to meet rising user expectations. With plans to introduce 5G in the future, the CSP needed to get the costs and complexity of its operations under control today.

Tier 1 Asian operator transitions to customer-centric operations


Facing an increasingly competitive market, the Tier 1 Asian CSP realized it needed to expand and improve the quality of its services, which would boost its NPS and reduce subscriber churn. In particular, the CSP needed to better correlate and analyze huge volumes of data on subscriber behavior, service use and network performance.

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