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Evolving networks and subscriber demands require a skilled workforce


Evolving networks and subscriber demands require a skilled workforce that act as a differentiator. To leverage a major technological shift and opportunity, and operational teams to succeed there are certain challenges that need to be addressed.  Such as ensuring the necessary technology and product knowledge are available at the required level. The broader scope of tasks and responsibilities that need to be executed by the operational teams are identified. There is always a growing OPEX pressure when adopting new technologies.

New technologies requiring new skills

With the continued emergence of the evolution of LTE towards 5G and growing new business needs, Nokia’s Customer Training Services recognize that the skills required to succeed tomorrow are not the same as the skills required to succeed today.

5G Learning Services: The Nokia 5G Training program is a focused and cost-effective courseware programs that range from basic awareness learnings through to expert professional level training for 5G Networks.

Through our targeted profiles for Managers, engineering teams including field, operational and planning we aim to develop your individual learning requirements that are complemented with our various learning options that best suit your needs self-paced e-learning, both traditional and virtual classroom and lab instruction

Training approach


Identifying the right solutions for success, by assessing technology readiness, certification requirements and helping select the fitting learning solutions


Ensuring the needed knowledge for success, covering Global Services portfolio, new technology requirements and all levels of product knowledge


Ensuring information is not only browsed, but the neccessary capabilities are measured and skillsets are retained


Offering a wide range of training delivery options, from micro learning, mobile based AR & VR enhanced solutions to virtual and classroom based session

Assessment - Skills - Knowledge triangle


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