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AirScale cloud RAN

The cloud RAN with all options covered

Nokia AirScale Cloud RAN meets your every radio need - radio functions can be virtualized and run in a distributed cloud at the network’s edge to deliver ultra-low latency and high bit rates for demanding services.  Meanwhile, other radio functionality can be centralized for the highest spectral efficiency and cell site simplicity.

With Nokia AirScale Cloud RAN capacity can go where your customers need it. They also get the services they want much faster. Nokia AirScale Cloud RAN delivers high scalability, business agility and operational efficiency, while retaining maximum flexibility to meet unpredictable demand. The same data centers running AirScale cloud base station functions can also be used to support other VNFs, such as Multi-access Edge Computing.

A choice of AirScale cloud base station deployments gives CSPs total freedom to run radio functions where they can most cost-effectively meet application needs and the latency performance demands arising at any location.

  • AirScale cloud base station with field proven RT/NRT split
  • AirScale all-in-cloud base station with full virtualization of baseband functions enables the monetization of ultra-low latency services 

Part of the next generation Nokia AirScale Radio Access and Edge Cloud, Nokia AirScale Cloud RAN is the essential next step to the fully flexible, highly scalable cloud-based network for a seamless user experience.

Nokia AirScale RNC and AirScale BSC, cloud-based radio network controllers running on AirFrame data center infrastructure bring the telco cloud operating model and its benefits already to many 3G and 2G CSPs. 



Nokia AirScale Cloud RAN architecture meets telco performance needs and has been the subject of extensive field trials by leading CSPs globally and is ready for future services.

The Nokia Cloud RAN solution has already been recognized as a game changer, being declared the winner of the Innovative Breakthrough in Mobile Technology Award of GTI Awards 2018. Nokia Multi-Access Edge Computing was the winner of the Innovative Mobile Service and Application Award of GTI Awards 2019. 

Nokia AirScale cloud base stations

Nokia and Orange apply cloud benefits to radio access

Nokia AirScale Cloud RAN

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