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Automated analytics solution for access control

Help flatten the curve with accurate, automated screening for COVID-19 and more

Maintain safe and healthy facilities and slow the spread of COVID-19 with help from the Nokia automated analytics solution for access control. This cost-effective and customizable solution lets you automate the process of screening people for fever and compliance with mask-wearing rules as they enter your key access points.


Effective symptom screening is essential

Symptom screening plays a key part in the global effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep economies running. But manual screening can be costly and labor-intensive. It can also create bottlenecks within facilities and put screeners at risk.

To screen effectively, you need a solution that provides fast, reliable results while allowing healthy people to move through your facilities with minimal delays.


Bring zero-touch screening to any facility

Nokia automated analytics solution for access control helps you address these challenges with accurate, zero-touch thermal screening that works 24/7 in any facility. Combining our advanced analytics with third-party thermal cameras, it automatically identifies and segregates people who show signs of fever, a key symptom of the virus.

With Nokia automated analytics solution for access control, you get a flexible solution that can reduce reliance on human screeners, keep queues moving and ensure that your employees, visitors and customers will be safer than ever.

Nokia Automated Analytics Solution for Access Control

An automated, zero-touch thermal detection solution that helps identify people with elevated temperatures and mask detection to help spot potential COVID-19 infections in facilities with thousands of people

"Nokia automated analytics solution for access control is a great example of the key role that network vendors can play in fighting the spread of a global pandemic. Furthermore, the solution’s modular architecture can be easily adapted to support a variety of other use cases."

Leo Gergs
Leo Gergs / Research Analyst, ABI Research

"Nokia automated analytics solution for access control meets the current need for efficient COVID-19 screening and can be adapted for other strategic use cases. It promises to be highly effective for medium and large facilities with many points of entry."

Jonathon Cordwell
Jonathon Cordwell / Market Research Team Lead for Healthcare & Life Sciences IT, GlobalData

Business case

Automation and flexible analytics are the most significant differentiators of Nokia automated analytics solution for access control. The payback is less than a year for typical medium to large deployments.

NAAS Business case

* No revenue assumption is made. Solution costing includes all components and services for on-premises deployment with annual software licenses. Each camera triages two lanes simultaneously. The average cost of a screener is $US30,000 yearly (~$US15 per hour). The number of screeners scales proportionally to the number of shifts and cameras supported.

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