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Building your private wireless network

There are several architecture options to choose from when you deploy a private wireless network. They range from a fully private, on-premises network to private wireless-as-a-service and core slicing. Each architecture has its strengths and weaknesses. Your needs and budget will determine which option is the best fit for your business.

Discover private wireless

The basic architecture of your private wireless network starts with the placement of radios around your site (or sites) to ensure optimum coverage and dedicated capacity. You then connect the radios to the core, which will perform the network’s key functions. In a 4G/LTE cloud-native private network, an edge cloud server on your premises can perform some functions to improve latency and reliability, or to ensure complete data confidentiality.

Autonomous private wireless

All network functions – core, management elements, applications – are deployed locally at your industrial site. If you need wireless services for more than one site, you can put all network functions at your headquarters and deploy an application edge cloud at each site to improve reliability and latency.

Private wireless as a service

All or most parts of the core and all applications are deployed on a local edge cloud server. The management elements are hosted in a third-party or mobile service provider cloud.

Core slicing

Core slicing is typically a third-party hosted solution. The minimum core elements and applications are deployed on your premises to ensure reliability and low latency and preserve the confidentiality of your data. The rest of the core elements and applications run in the service provider cloud and rely on existing cloud core management.

Choosing the right architecture for your business

The complexity of implementation and operational costs are highest for autonomous private architecture and lowest for core slicing. Data confidentiality, security and reliability typically decreases with as-a-service and core slicing solutions.

A hybrid private–public architecture could be the right choice if you have operations spread over a wide area, need connectivity with off-site and mobile assets, or prefer to outsource this part of your IT operation.

An autonomous private wireless solution could be the right choice if you need to have full control of your operational technology (OT) network and ensure the reliability and availability of your local operations when failures occur in the outside world.

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