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Edge cloud

Edge cloud takes compute capacity to where the traffic is

Cloud computing is transforming the telecoms landscape, offering flexibility that is need to enabling modern agile business opportunities with secured and high availability services.

Cloud capabilities must be distributed across the network to form an edge cloud, which places computing resources where the traffic is - at the edge of the network.

The edge cloud will be a fundamental asset for service providers to support new services and applications, opening new vertical market opportunities. The industry needs to start preparing and implementing edge infrastructure now to address these business opportunities and be ready for the next evolutionary steps of their networks, including 5G.

Edge cloud solution is real-time optimized, OPNFV compatible cloud infrastructure with OpenStack distribution to run in compact data centers providing the performance and low latency required by solutions like Cloud RAN or MEC.

This edge optimized cloud infrastructure enables carrier-grade high availability and security as well as scalability from single server edge cloud to multi-rack solutions. It offers the solution ease of deployment with remote upgrade automation and configuration management.


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