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Increase revenues and connect new customers with fixed wireless access

By using your existing mobile broadband network to provide fixed broadband services, you can increase the value you provide existing customers and quickly enter new territories.

Whether you want to provide new fixed broadband services or bundle fixed and mobile services together to increase revenues and retain customers, Nokia has a Fixed Wireless Access solution for you.

Our new FastMile gateways are self-contained residential devices that connect wirelessly to your 4G or 5G network while creating a better and faster Wi-Fi experience within the home. Our 5G gateway supports 4G so you can offer the best possible service in the home by utilizing the best quality signals received. You can also deploy today with 4G and offer 5G speeds when available in that area.

In areas where signals are weak, you can still deliver competitive broadband speeds thanks to the industry-leading gain of our range of outdoor receivers. In fact, both our indoor gateways and outdoor receivers offer the highest gain on the market, making the most of your spectral assets.

Easy installation is crucial for keeping costs down. That’s why our FastMile 5G gateway guides your customers through the process of identifying the right location in the home for the best performance. Outdoor receiver installations are aided by a mobile app that guides customers or field technicians through the entire installation process.

Avoid the traps of treating fixed wireless services like mobile broadband. Altiplano FastMile Controller gives you the insight you need to target your sales and marketing efforts and offer fixed broadband services without compromising mobile services. Manage capacity without upgrading the RAN by setting rules to connect to specific primary and alternative cell sites.

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A1 Slovenia uses Nokia fixed wireless access solutions for high-speed fixed broadband services

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