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Take the challenge of 5G networks

Nokia NetAct offers the state of the art management capabilities of mobile networks with 5G readiness. NetAct ensures a smooth evolution from existing to future network technologies and can handle not only technology lifecycle requirements, but also network growth and changes in service offering. Operators get secured and proven network management capabilities for different network sizes, as well as different strategies to support cloud and data center transformation.

Nokia NetAct offers a uniform set of tools for radio, core and transport network management. Based on industry standards and open architecture, NetAct enables the operator to manage multi-technology and multivendor networks with one single system.  Nokia offers best-in-class tools for network assurance, troubleshooting, system administration, software management, and configuration management.

In addition, Nokia NetAct offers subscriber tracing, flexible northbound interfaces, plug-and-play – NetAct fast pass, the innovation from Nokia - for new network element releases to run on top of older NetAct versions, as well as and effective tools for rolling out new network element features.

It’s time for small to make a Big impact

Nokia has listened carefully to the industry need for a state-of-the art network management system designed to address the specific requirements of smaller mobile, enterprise and public sector networks. NetAct Compact is Nokia’s latest network management system innovation, offering tailored network management capabilities for small mobile networks and mission and business-critical networks. NetAct Compact delivers core NetAct functionality intended for larger networks, combined with a software-only delivery, while being optimized for smaller-scale mobile network operational and budget requirements.

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