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Take the challenge of 5G networks

5G unlocks a host of exciting new possibilities for telecommunications players. However, the increasing network density and complexity, the ever-growing consumer demands, Internet of Things (IoT) and number of connected devices put massive amount of pressure on Network Operations Centers (NOCs). Efficient network operations are becoming key differentiators on the global marketplace of mobile network operators.

NetAct offers a uniform set of tools for managing network elements in mobile radio and core, Wi-Fi, IoT, public safety and telco cloud in multi-vendor and multi-technology environments, including 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G. It is a widely deployed, proven network management system that provides operators with a single, consolidated and comprehensive view of the network, delivering best-in-class tools for troubleshooting, administration, software management and configuration management. 

NetAct is a proven solution with more than 500 customers worldwide

  • Rich 5G network resource management functionality
  • Instant 5G integration to operators’ OSS/BSS
  • NetAct fast pass support for continuous deliveries - DevOps readiness
  • NetAct applications created as slice aware
  • Machine learning techniques to enhance data processing


NetAct Compact

NetAct Compact is Nokia’s network management system innovation, offering tailored network management capabilities for small mobile networks and mission- and business-critical networks. NetAct Compact delivers core NetAct functionality intended for larger networks, combined with a software-only delivery, while being optimized for smaller-scale mobile network operational and budget requirements.

NetAct user interface
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