Nokia WiFi

Create a perfect broadband experience in every corner of the home

Nokia WiFi enables Service Providers to deliver their residential customers super-fast, reliable connectivity throughout a household. No longer will patchy Wi-Fi generate customer frustration, calls to your helpdesk or truck-rolls. The ultra-broadband service you deliver to the home will be just as good on every device in every corner of the home.

Intelligent mesh networking

Nokia's intelligent mesh technology ensures 100% coverage with no deterioration in performance when new beacons are added. Its peer-to-peer architecture eliminates the need for a central controller and ensures fast and seamless roaming. The wireless performance is measured in real time, and the network is dynamically adjusted to improve coverage and capacity.

Real-time interference resolution

Real-time spectrum analysis detects up to 17 interference sources (Bluetooth speakers, microwaves, cordless phones, etc.).

Individual client fingerprinting

Machine learning is used to understand the unique technical and usage characteristics of every device in order to provide the optimal connection to each.

Intelligent and automated

Nokia WiFi is self-healing (re-routing in under 0.5 seconds), self-optimizing (dynamic path selection), and self-organizing (plug and play). It automatically detects and resolves connectivity issues before customers are even aware of them, which dramatically reduces helpdesk calls and increases customer satisfaction.

Home Portal

The Home Portal gives you a holistic view of the in-home network and connected devices so helpdesk agents can quickly identify and resolve any issues. Home Portal automatically proposes solutions and its insight into home usage brings upsell opportunities.

Creating the ultimate in-home Wi-Fi network

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