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Nokia WiFi

Perfect broadband in every corner of the home

Unstoppable Wi-Fi in every home

With our intelligent devices, there’s everything you need to deliver unstoppable Wi-Fi for every home – and no amount of walls, users or downloads can hold it back.

Nokia WiFi creates a mesh Wi-Fi network that is self-healing and self-optimizing. Wi-Fi 6 delivers the best-ever experience. And management tools give you a unique view across your broadband network, right inside the home for fine-tuning, troubleshooting, and upselling insight.

Nokia WiFi Beacon 2

Wi-Fi 6

  • 50% faster than Wi-Fi 5
  • Lower latency that gamers will love
  • Better performance in congested areas


  • Robust, reliable, whole-home coverage
  • Interoperability between vendors
  • Extended with Nokia’s local Wi-Fi optimization

Wi-Fi optimization

  • Real-time performance enhancement in the home
  • Cloud-based, proactive optimization for maximum performance of any Wi-Fi access point

Device management

  • Easy-to-use app to manage the network and services
  • Cloud platform for the helpdesk and network operations teams


The Nokia WiFi mobile app

Our mobile app makes it a breeze for customers to set up and manage their WiFi network. The app will help find the best place for each Wi-Fi Beacon. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to set essential parameters like security. Manage value-added services, such as parental controls. Get real-time information on connected devices, network performance, and much, much more.

We also offer co-branding and re-branding capabilities, so you can promote your brand.

Twice as smart, for the best performance

  Local Wi-Fi optimization

Local Wi-Fi optimization

Our smart Nokia WiFi devices constantly monitor the environment and work around any interference issues in real-time.

Intelligent Channel Selection always guarantees the best possible channel. Band steering, client steering, and seamless handover complement the optimization to give the best user experience.

  Cloud-based optimization

Cloud-based optimization

The Nokia WiFi Cloud Controller lets you proactively fine-tune the parameters on the Wi-Fi access points to define the policy of radio resource management algorithms such as channel management, transmit power control and client steering. It even considers neighboring managed and unmanaged Wi-Fi networks to get the best performance in dense areas.

Your helpdesk agents get real-time visibility of the in-home networks to solve any issue in no time.

Nokia WiFi Beacons


Beacon 1.1

Incredible entry-level Wi-Fi performance.

  • Wi-Fi 5 supports HD and 4K video streaming
  • Covers up to 1500 sq. ft / 140 sqm
  • Wi-Fi capacity: AC1200

Beacon 2

Beacon 2

Unbelievable value Wi-Fi 6 solution.

  • All the advantages of Wi-Fi 6: speed, low latency, power-savings
  • Covers up to 1500 sq. ft / 140 sqm
  • Wi-Fi capacity: AX1800

Beacon 6

Beacon 6

Next-level speed, premium performance.

  • The best Wi-Fi 6 mesh router (AX4200)
  • Tri-band for greater connectivity
  • Lowest latency and support for multiple 8K video streams

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