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Nokia WiFi

Create a perfect broadband experience in every corner of the home

Today, end-users experience a lot of problems with Wi-Fi. We found that typically 30% - 50% of the calls to the CSP helpdesk, are Wi-Fi related. In addition, care agents today have no visibility on the in-home network, so they can only follow a trial and error method to solve the problem.

Wi-Fi related problems can be grouped into three categories:

  • Performance limitations (usually due to Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference (microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, and the like));
  • Coverage problems: even if you have decent Wi-Fi in the living room (or whichever room the gateway is situated), you may experience much worse Wi-Fi performance in the other rooms, or even have dead spots in the home, without any Wi-Fi coverage;
  • Complexity of setting up and managing the Wi-Fi network and clients.

The Nokia WiFi portfolio solves all issues above:

  • We support mesh networking with gateways and beacons, to cover a complete home;
  • Embedded analytics ensure the network is self-healing (with very fast re-routing) and self-optimizing (always the best path and best channel for optimal performance);
  • Fast and seamless roaming ensures that a client will always connect to the strongest access point, without service interruption;
  • The Nokia WiFi Cloud Controller gives an end-to-end, network-wide Wi-Fi optimization:
    • The Home Console is typically used by the CSP's helpdesk and provides level 1 support on a per-home basis. It gives a real-time, holistic view on the in-home network;
    • The Network Console is typically used by the Network Operations team for Level 2 support and gives a network-wide view, but also allows managing a group of access points together. 

With the Nokia WiFi portfolio, CSPs can reduce OPEX (fewer and shorter calls to the helpdesk; less truck rolls), generate new revenues (through recommendations, but also by offering a managed Wi-Fi solution) and reduce customer churn.

In addition, we offer the Nokia WiFi Service Controller, to manage, operate, and monetize guest Wi-Fi services from one unique platform. Various services are delivered through this platform:

  • Community Wi-Fi
  • MDU Wi-Fi
  • WiFi for small businesses (merchant Wi-Fi)
  • Hospitality Wi-Fi (for hotels)

Creating the ultimate in-home Wi-Fi network

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