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Nokia WiFi

Create a perfect broadband experience in every corner of the home

Nokia WiFi ensures the excellent broadband service you deliver to the home isn’t undone by poor Wi-Fi inside the home. The combination of local and cloud-based Wi-Fi optimization achieves the best Wi-Fi performance for your customers.

Creating the ultimate in-home Wi-Fi network


beacon 1.1

Beacon 1.1
Wi-Fi 5

beacon 2

Beacon 2
Wi-Fi 6

beacon 3

Beacon 6
Wi-Fi 6

Other Nokia WiFi products include the Beacon 1 (AC1200) and the Beacon 3 (AC3000), both dual band and Wi-Fi 5 capable

Nokia WiFi Mobile App

End-users can use the mobile app to install and manage their Wi-Fi network, extend it with additional Beacons and manage their additional services, like parental control.




Local Wi-Fi optimization

Nokia WiFi Mesh Middleware is the foundation of all our mesh-enabled products. It guarantees the best performance by self-optimizing and instantly self-healing when it detects any problems. The Mesh Middleware supports the latest technologies like Wi-Fi 6 and has been EasyMesh™ certified.

Cloud-based optimization

The Nokia WiFi Cloud Controller manages Wi-Fi access points, even across a multi-vendor network. Its two front-ends give you total control:


The Home Console gives helpdesk agents real-time visibility of the in-home network, connected devices and traffic.


The Network Console lets the network operations team optimize all Wi-Fi access points on the network, taking into account how each access point affects the others.

Wi-Fi monetization

The Nokia WiFi Service Controller allows a CSP to manage, operate, and monetize guest Wi-Fi services from one unique platform. One of the key services is Merchant Wi-Fi; think of a coffee shop offering free Wi-Fi to their customers. The coffee shop owner can manage his service through an easy to use mobile app.

Nokia’s extended mesh portfolio

In addition to Beacons, we also have mesh enabled ONTs (GPON and XGS-PON) and mesh enabled 5G fixed wireless access gateways.

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