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U.S. companies need secure networks for the growing data requirements resulting from modernization, automation, and remote devices. And, exponential Big Data growth lies ahead, especially with Industry 4.0 era.

Forward-thinking companies are already researching and testing reliable, high-capacity Nokia OnGo networks using Neutral host and Private LTE designed to be highly-secure and vastly scalable.

Thanks to the U.S. Government’s new shared commercial use of the 3.5 GHz band called the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), OnGo networks can become more accessible starting in 2018. With OnGo, Nokia can supply companies with a toolset to create specific business outcomes.

As a founding member of the CBRS Alliance, Nokia is the expert in designing and building Neutral host and private LTE networks that maximize the benefits of the shared spectrum.

Nokia has the industry expertise and award-winning networks to help Smart Cities, Venues, Enterprises, Healthcare, Transportation, Utilities, and Manufacturing companies connect their people, equipment and information. Contact us today to learn more.


In early 2017, Nokia unveiled a world-first demonstration of CBRS-FDD four carrier aggregation connected to Nokia Bell Labs Spectrum Access System (SAS) using a test device from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. A peak downlink throughput of up to 676 Mbps is achieved, which is four times higher than a single carrier system.

Award-winning products and support

Nokia offers a comprehensive OnGo solution to enterprises based on its award-winning Flexi Zone Small Cells, IP Backhaul range and evolved packet core (EPC), supported by global services expertise.

OnGo delivery speed highlighted in virtual reality racing car experience

The same reliability required by industries can be seen in a recent OnGo demonstration. In this use case, a 365-degree virtual reality experience was delivered over the OnGo network in race cars going more than 160 m.p.h.

Nokia OnGo neutral host demonstration for subway

First-ever demonstration single TDD LTE network using 3.5GHz that can serve multiple operators and service providers.

Award winning products and support

OnGo delivery speed highlighted in virtual reality racing car experience

Nokia OnGo neutral host demonstration for subway

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