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ONT easy start

Connect FTTH users faster and at lower cost

Speed up and simplify optical network termination (ONT) provisioning with Nokia ONT Easy Start. It transforms today’s complex, multi-step activations into an automated process. You can increase customer satisfaction while simultaneously cutting costs.

ONT Easy Start reduces time and effort for your subscribers and installers.

Your FTTH customers can set up their own ONT using an easy, three-step process. They don’t need to schedule an appointment or wait for on-site assistance from a technician. Technicians connecting new fiber customers use the same simple process, with the optional Field Tech Technician Console. It provisions services more rapidly and boosts efficiency — virtually eliminating errors.

Offer easy self installation

With ONT Easy Start, you can give your subscribers the high-bandwidth offerings they want sooner — with less hassle. As soon as their ONT arrives, they follow three simple steps to provision their service:

  1. Connect to the activation web portal.
  2. Enter their assigned user name and password.
  3. Click once for activation.

Reduce provisioning costs

ONT Easy Start reduces labor costs by minimizing the time your technicians spend on site visits. Truck rolls are no longer needed for ONT replacement — or for new service activation, when fiber has already been installed. The solution’s simple self-provisioning also decreases your spending on customer care.

Improve quality of service

Today’s subscribers value the flexibility of self-provisioning. It allows them to launch new services at their convenience. The automated process also saves times and promotes “first time right” activation.

ONT Easy Start

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