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Smart Venue

Increase event revenue, security and visitor satisfaction

People expect good connectivity wherever they go, no matter the location. In mass events, data services are needed by many consumers in a confined space. The needs of the customer have been understood, services have been created to satisfy those demands and in doing so, new revenue streams have emerged.

Sports venues, stadiums and concert halls are designed to provide the best live experience for fans. Smart venues solutions are powerful and flexible not only in enhancing the fan experience, but also in providing many new services and helping to lower operational costs.

Building upon our industry-leading network knowhow, smart venue solutions will make stadiums more exciting and immersive for fans, and more profitable for the owners of the establishment, operators and their partners, for example sponsors.



The Nokia portfolio contains all enablers for an efficient, secure and wireless fixed network solution for any venue (such as stadium, arena, or special event facility).

Our solution, including Wi-Fi, small cells and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), creates efficient connectivity that enriches fan experience by enabling interaction with the team, sponsors and services, social networking and augmented reality. At the same time the technology help in optimizing venue operations and improves cost efficiency. The data can be kept local with MEC, improving security and decreasing the need for backhaul.

Watch how visitors and event organizers both benefit from state-of-the-art venue and event technology

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