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MulteFire allows LTE to run without being anchored in licensed spectrum

MulteFire combines the high performance of LTE with the simple deployment of Wi-Fi. Using unlicensed spectrum, it can be deployed by operators, cable companies, ISPs, building owners and enterprises.

Nokia is globalizing and commercializing MulteFire and is one of the two founding members of MulteFire Alliance.

Nokia world 1st certified MulteFire access point and MulteFire device

Nokia Industry-first MulteFire-certified 4.9G/LTE private wireless networking solution, running on DAC, is designed to open up private wireless to mass adoption by an entirely new range of customers, applications and markets. With deployment available worldwide, it can be used by customers currently without access to licensed spectrum, or as a complementary layer to bring extra capacity to private wireless networks.


Nokia Industrial MulteFire router 700

The Nokia Industrial MulteFire router 700 is the world first certified MulteFire device and is available for deployment with Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC).



Nokia MulteFire pico access point

The MulteFire-standard Nokia pico access point supports both outdoor and indoor operation and this all-in-one small cell provides a simple and fast set-up of private wireless connectivity. Suitable for permanent networking, it is also suited to temporary deployment in use cases such as sporting and cultural events, media broadcasting, construction sites, field hospitals and public emergency situations.




  • MulteFire is designed for enhanced coverage, range, capacity, and mobility

  • Co-exists and complements Wi-Fi – outdoor coverage, improved performance and security MulteFire Alliance is driving the development of a global technical specification

Uni5G and MulteFire Private Networks for Manufacturing


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