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MulteFire allows LTE to run without being anchored in licensed spectrum

MulteFire combines the high performance of LTE with the simple deployment of Wi-Fi. Using unlicensed spectrum, it can be deployed by operators, cable companies, ISPs, building owners and enterprises.

Nokia is globalizing and commercializing MulteFire and is one of the two founding members of MulteFire Alliance.

During MWC16 Ray LeMaistre talked with MulteFire Alliance Board Chair Stephan Litjens about the benefits of MulteFire technology and how it will co-exist with other technologies in unlicensed spectrum. See the interview here. They also discussed the multiple applications, performance and quality-of-service benefits of MulteFire technology, see here.

Nokia world 1st MulteFire small cell solution

Nokia Flexi Zone small cell solution is recognized today as the most innovative and leading small cell solution in the market. With Flexi Zone MulteFire multiband Pico BTS, industry verticals, enterprises, smart cities, and mobile operators get access to a class-leading small cell solution for deploying globally private LTE networks to enhance their operations, innovate and expand their global footprint.

With 'Wi-Fi®-like' ease of deployment, the Nokia Flexi Zone MulteFire Multiband Pico BTS will allow industries, smart cities, and service providers to take advantage of new capabilities:

  • Industry verticals will, for example, be able to reliably track parcels and containers in key logistics hubs and campuses and connect and remotely control their vehicles while leveraging MulteFire performance for video applications such as surveillance.
  • Mobile service providers will be able to expand their mobile enterprise offer to companies in regions of the world outside of their licensed spectrum footprint.
  • Owners of public buildings such as hotels, malls, stadiums, and venues will also benefit from new revenue streams with the ability to open up their Private LTE network to mobile providers to enhance indoor services for subscribers at their location.

Complementing Nokia Flexi Zone MulteFire Multiband Pico BTS, Nokia can deliver end-to-end private LTE solutions leveraging its network and services expertise including a range of cloud packet core solutions (EPC/IMS), virtual Multi-access Edge Computing and supporting a number of low latency applications for operators, vertical industries and enterprises around the globe.

Nokia Flexi Zone MulteFire Multiband Pico BTS

  • Compact 4 liter outdoor and indoor small cell to be made commercially available in the second quarter of 2018
  • Offers support for multiple carriers leveraging the new MulteFire radio access technology standard and enabling throughput of up to 300 Mbps, and class-leading multi-user capacity
  • MulteFire Alliance Release 1.0 compliant and upgradable via software
  • Ruggedized to meet the demands of industries and 'Wi-Fi-like' ease of deployment in 'all-in-one' form factor/unit using Ethernet backhaul and power
  • Large coverage via up to 1W of RF power, the maximum allowed in unlicensed spectrum
  • Simplified operations and optimization via Flexi Zone Plug&Play and enhanced self-organizing network (SON) capabilities
  • Neutral host capability support will enable owners of public buildings such as hotels, venues, traffic hubs, and subways to lease the private LTE network to mobile providers, allowing them to enhance services for customers


  • MulteFire is designed for enhanced coverage, range, capacity, and mobility
  • Co-exists and complements Wi-Fi – outdoor coverage, improved performance and security

MulteFire combines the high performance of LTE with the simple deployment of Wi-Fi

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