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Nokia 5G Training & Certification Portfolio

Evolve your skills and competencies to seize the potential that 5G offers! 

Nokia 5G Training & Certification Portfolio
Nokia 5G Training & Certification Portfolio

Evolve to 5G with Confidence

Start your 5G journey on the right path with Nokia's comprehensive portfolio of training and certification programs. Nokia’s End-to-End 5G solution brings all the necessary elements together to ensure your 5G success.  

Whether you are a business leader, technology professional, University student, network operator or network engineer, Nokia has a 5G learning solution for you.  This rich suite of learning and certification programs are designed to equip networking operations, engineering and planning resources with the knowledge and hands-on skills required to plan, design, operate and maintain 5G networks.   

Master the necessary knowledge and skills within your organization to evolve to 5G with confidence and accelerate your time to market.    

Nokia 5G Certification

Select Your Area of Focus

Nokia Bell Labs 5G Certification

5G Planning and Strategy

This vendor-agnostic training and certification is relevant for anyone interested in learning more about 5G from end-to-end. Two levels of certifications (Associate and Professional) range from basic 5G fundamentals to more advanced domain-specific content. Develop a broad understanding of 5G technologies and the important skills and expertise needed to apply them in strategizing and planning 5G business solutions.

Nokia 5G RAN Certification

5G Mobile Access - Field Engineers

Deep dive into the theories, concepts and practical hands-on knowledge required by Field Engineers with specialized role-based RAN training and certifications. Gain the knowledge and proficiency to ensure operational success for planning, support, and optimisation of Nokia 5G Radio Access Networks.

Nokia Cloud Packet Core Training and Certification

5G Packet Core - Network Operations, Design, and Planning Engineers

Deep dive into the theories, concepts and practical hands-on knowledge required by Network Operators and Engineers with our Packet Core training and certificartion.  Evolve the packet core to a more flexible and scalable cloud-based data center architecture in preparation for the expanded service capabilities of 5G. 

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Associated Training & Certifications

Are your IP and optical networks and skills ready for 5G?

Higher-bandwidth and low latency requirements mean the underlying IP and optical networks that are used to transport mobile traffic also need to be upgraded and rearchitected for 5G. 

Explore the IP Networking and Optical Networking tabs to learn more about foundational skills and certifications that will pave the way for your 5G success.

Are your skills up-to-date for 5G?

Ready to plan your learning path?