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Nokia's Service Routing Certification (SRC) 15th Anniversary!


Since 2006, the program has been making an impact on customers, partners, and employees.

The Service Routing Certification Program is Nokia's premier training and certification program for IP networking and technical support professionals. 

For 15 years, the SRC program has been developing and validating the skills of our customers, partners, and employees through certification, hands-on instructor-led courses, self-study, and remote lab access.


Why many have joined the SRC program

"My skills have increased significantly which has a big impact on my career growth" - Rami Salameh, Senior Technology Architect, Telus.

This SRC Program develops practical IP/MPLS service routing skills and demonstrates them with industry-recognized certifications. Candidates can expect to:

  • Gain the confidence to be more effective in their roles

  • Develop more credibility among their peers

  • Open new opportunities for career advancement

The SRC Program is Nokia's most trusted training and certification program with:

  • 11,000+ professionals certified

  • 36,000+ class attendees

  • 98% of class attendees would recommend 

Visit our SRC 15th Anniversary webpage