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NSP Infrastructure Configuration Management Planning

Course number: OS00114-V-2200

Course duration: 2 days

Price: $1,595 US

Course overview

This hands-on course enables learners to develop a strong theoretical and practical understanding of NSP Infrastructure Configuration Management (ICM) design and planning.  Learn the components of an infrastructure intent type, how to customize the configuration forms to meet specific needs and how to import them into the NSP Device Administrator.  Discover how to create customized fixed and flexible infrastructure templates that operators will use for configuration deployments.  Understand how operators perform and manage configuration deployments.  Learn how to discover brownfield configurations so they can be fully managed through NSP ICM. This includes the audit and align features, as well as the ability to use this configuration for deployments to other network objects.  This course is based on NSP version 22.6. 

Course objectives


After completing the course, students should be able to:


  • Describe the intent-based networking system and applications.

  • Explain the role of NSP in Infrastructure Configuration and Management (ICM).

  • Explain the different components of an infrastructure configuration intent type.

  • Describe and demonstrate how to clone and customize a predefined intent type.

  • Describe and demonstrate how to create an infrastructure configuration template.

  • Demonstrate how a physical template is deployed to a port (Greenfield).

  • Demonstrate how to use ICM to manage the configuration of a pre-existing router (Brownfield).

Course modules


Module 1 – Introduction to Infrastructure Configuration Management (ICM)

  • Intent-based network systems

  • The ICM process

  • Intent type, configuration template and configuration instance relationship

Module 2 – Infrastructure Intent Types

  • Components of an infrastructure intent type

  • Pre-defined list of infrastructure intent types

Module 3 – Infrastructure Intent Type Customization

  • Creating a new version of an infrastructure intent type

  • Cloning an infrastructure intent type

  • Customizing the infrastructure intent type configuration form



Module 4 – Infrastructure Configuration Templates

  • Importing infrastructure configuration intent types

  • Creating infrastructure configuration templates

  • Fixed vs flexible templates

  • Configuration template lifecycle

Module 5 – Infrastructure Configuration Deployment

  • Configuration deployment – Greenfield network

  • ICM Brownfield discovery