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NSP Classic Management
NFM-P: Route Analysis

Course number: OS00067-V-1800
Course duration: 3 days (including lectures and hands-on lab exercises)

Course overview

This course consists of theoretical discussion supported by hands-on exercises to develop a good understanding of the operations of the Classic Management NFM-P CPAM to monitor the managed network. Learners use a graphical interface to visualize IP/MPLS topology and paths, multicast, BGP, as well as configured services; create, schedule and compare checkpoints containing L3 network information taken at specific points in time; create path monitors to keep track of changes in the way packets are forwarded; use checkpoint and path monitor information to obtain details about historical changes in the network; configure threshold crossing alarms; and perform troubleshooting and root cause analysis for various fault scenarios on IGP topologies.

Course objectives

The learner will be able to:

  • Demonstrate to monitor the managed network environment through real-time visualization
  • Demonstrate to use topology maps to view the layer-3 interfaces on which the different protocols
  • Demonstrate to visualize the paths taken by IGP routes, MPLS/RSVP LSPs, and services, - ,
  • Identify neighboring and remote Autonomous Systems from which BGP routes are being received



  • Demonstrate to identify changes in the network topology by using Checkpoint Comparison and/or Path Monitoring
  • Describe the workflow and demonstrate to successfully configure OAM tests
  • Demonstrate to perform Historical Impact Analysis for IGP or BGP routes
  • Demonstrate to troubleshoot network issue using the proactive assurance tools of the Classic Management NFM-P

Course modules

Student Guides

  • 1 - Product Overview
    • 1.1 - Classic Management NFM-P CPAM Overview
    • 1.2 - CPAM GUI
    • 1.3 - 7701 CPAA Overview
  • 2 - Visualization Tools
    • 2.1 - Topology Maps
    • 2.2 - Map Highlights
  • 3 - Proactive Assurance Tools
    • 3.1 - Topology Checkpoints
    • 3.2 - Path Monitoring
    • 3.3 - Classic Management NFM-P STM Setup and Validation



  • 4 - Troubleshooting Tools
    • 4.1 - Impact Analysis
    • 4.2 - RCA Audit
  • 5 - . BGP
    • 5.1 - BGP monitoring