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NSP Service Fulfillment

Course number: OS00102-V-2100

Course duration: 2 days

Price: $1,595 US

Course Overview

This hands-on course enables learners to develop a solid theoretical and practical understanding of service provisioning and activation using the NSP intent-based service fulfillment framework.  Learn how brownfield services are discovered and managed in the NSP Service Fulfillment application and have granular control over a service’s entire life cycle.  This allows increased flexibility by defining services without deploying them to the network, resource reservation, deploying services that are fully in sync with the service intent and removing services from the network while keeping the config safe within the NSP.  Learn how to create service templates that define the relationship between the service offering, underlying service intent and respective attributes.  View multiple service fulfillment demonstrations such as creating and deploying a new service, editing existing services, applying Quality of Service (QoS) to Service Access Points (SAPs) and performing audit and sync operations.  Finally, learn basic service assurance using the service supervision application, monitor service operations using activity logs, and even identify common service fulfillment errors.



Course objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the NSP Intent-Based Service Fulfillment (IB-SF) solution
  • Describe NSP Service Fulfillment general functionalities
  • View brownfield NFM-P managed services and service components
  • Explain the service lifecycle states
  • Create a basic service template
  • Show inventory aspects and abilities


  • Create and deploy services
  • View greenfield services
  • Apply QoS to SAPs
  • Edit pre-existing services (partial deployment)
  • Perform audit and sync functions
  • Perform bulk operations
  • Perform basic service troubleshooting using service supervision
  • View activity logs for service operations
  • Describe common service fulfillment errors

Course modules

Module 1 – Network automation overview

  • Introduction to Intent-Based Service Fulfillment (IB-SF)
  • NSP Service Fulfillment functionalities

Module 2 – Understanding brownfield services and lifecycle states 

  • Brownfield services
  • Lifecycle states
  • Service templates
  • Service inventory


Module 3 – Creating and deploying services

  • Demonstration of creating and deploying a service
  • Demonstration of viewing a greenfield service
  • Demonstration of applying QoS to SAPs
  • Demonstration of editing a pre-existing service
  • Demonstration of audit and sync operations
  • Demonstration of bulk operations
  • Demonstration of basic service troubleshooting

Module 4 – Service Fulfillment logs and errors

  • Service fulfillment activity logs
  • Common service fulfillment errors