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NSP Telemetry

Course number: OS00107-V-2100
Course duration: 2 days
Price: $1595 

Course overview

This 2-day hands-on course enables the learner to develop a solid theoretical and practical understanding of telemetry-based network monitoring and statistics collection using Nokia's Network Services Platform (NSP). Discover the prerequisites and associated procedures for implementing telemetry in your NSP managed network, such as the setup of gRPC with TLS and the creation and/or installation of statistics definition and device mapping files. Understand what a telemetry subscription is and how to create and manage them using the NSP Insights Administrator application. Verify subscriptions are enabled and view the real-time telemetry data. Learn how to define how telemetry data is aggregated and how long it is retained in the database. Using the Nokia Developer Portal references, see how subscriptions are created using NSP RESTCONF APIs. 



Course objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Define telemetry in the context of the NSP
  • Describe the gRPC framework and its key components
  • Summarize the benefits and functions of NSP Telemetry
  • Contrast gathering telemetry from NFM-P managed nodes versus NSP managed nodes
  • Explain the difference between Stats Definition and Device Mapping files
  • Demonstrate how to create and install Stats Definition and Device Mapping files



  • Explain the importance of the Kafka bus
  • Demonstrate how to configure and enable gRPC with TLS
  • List the prerequisites for telemetry data collection
  • Define “subscription,” “age-out-policy,” and “aggregation rule”
  • Describe the NSP Insights Administrator functionalities
  • Demonstrate how to enable, modify and view NE telemetry data collection through the NSP Insights Administrator
  • Locate telemetry resources using the Nokia Developer Portal and perform a RESTCONF subscription

Course modules

Module 1 – Telemetry Data Collection

  • Introduction to NSP Telemetry
  • gRPC-based telemetry collection

Module 2 – NSP Telemetry: Design and Approach

  • NSP Telemetry framework
  • Telemetry collection in hybrid scenarios
  • Benefits and functions of NSP Telemetry

Module 3 – NSP Telemetry: Prerequisites and Dependencies

  • Prerequisites for MDM telemetry collection
  • Statistics definition and device mapping files
  • Create and install a statistics definition file
  • Create and install a device mapping file
  • Setting up gRPC and TLS for NSP Telemetry collection
  • Telemetry subscriptions, aggregation rules and age-out policies


Module 4 – NSP Insights Administrator

  • NSP Insights Administrator: Purpose and function

Module 5 – General NSP Telemetry Tasks

  • Locating telemetry resources
  • Performing a RESTCONF subscription