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NSP Multi-Layer

Course number: OS00110-W-2000
Course duration: 2 hours 
Price: $250 US

Course overview

This eLearning explores how the NSP Network Resource Controller – Cross Domain (NRC-X) interfaces with domain controllers to improve resiliency and service quality through multi-layer network resource control. Learn the many functionalities of the NSP Cross Domain Coordinator (CDC) application, such as multi-layer topology discovery, visualizations and optimizations and how to apply them in practical use cases. Discover how the NSP’s Network Supervision and Fault Management applications provide network-wide monitoring and assurance through tools such as multi-layer visualizations and “one-click” IP/Optical alarm correlations. Also, learn to support network planning and troubleshooting by leveraging the NSP IP/MPLS simulator to perform multi-layer “what-if-analysis.” This course is based on NSP version 20.6. 

Course objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Describe how the NSP aids in “network control”

  • Describe the NSP cross domain capabilities

  • List and describe the NSP optical services capabilities

  • Explain how NRC-X interfaces with the NSP applications

  • Explain the importance and role of NRC-P in multi-layer optimization

  • Demonstrate the Cross-Domain Coordinator (CDC) application main functionalities



  • Describe and demonstrate the following use cases:

    • Optical disjoint IP routing

    • Optical latency aware IP routing

    • Coordinated maintenance

    • Multi-layer topology assessment (diversity analysis)

    • IP/Optical LLI provisioning with diversity constraints

  • Describe and demonstrate IP/Optical integration assurance functionalities

  • Describe and demonstrate IP/Optical simulation functionalities

Course modules

  • Module 1 – Network Control and Nokia’s NSP

    • Explain how the NSP aids in “network control”

    • Describe the required NSP components for multi-layer optimization

    • List the NSP cross domain capabilities

  • Module 2 – Optical Services

    • Discuss the NSP supported optical services topologies

  • Module 3 – The role of Cross Domain Coordinator (CDC) in NSP

    • Describe NRC-X north and southbound communication

    • Explain and demonstrate how the Nokia developer portal aids in the usage of the NSP northbound APIs

    • Demonstrate CDC application main functionalities including;

      • Multi-layer topologies

      • Visualizations

      • Optimization

  • Module 4 – The role of NRC-P

    • Provide an overview of NRC-P

    • Describe the interaction between NRC-P and NRC-X


  • Module 5 – Multi-layer Optimization use cases

    • Demonstrate optical disjoint IP routing

    • Demonstrate optical latency aware IP routing

    • Demonstrate coordinated maintenance

    • Demonstrate multi-layer topology assessment (diversity analysis)

    • Demonstrate IP/Optical LLI provisioning with diversity constraints

  • Module 6 – IP/Optical integration assurance functionality

    • Describe the NSP IP/Optical integration assurance functionality

    • Demonstrate Fault Management application IP/Optical assurance functionalities    

    • Demonstrate Network Supervision application IP/Optical assurance functionalities

  • Module 7 – Simulation of IP/MPLS impact of optical events (multi-layer what-if-analysis)

    • Describe NSP simulation functionalities

    • Describe and demonstrate CDC physical link failure simulation

    • Explain the IP/MPLS simulator functionalities

    • Demonstrate how to perform a “what-if analysis” and view the results