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Nokia Advanced Optical Network
Management with NFM-T

Course number: TOP00006
Course duration: 5 days
Price: $3,425 US

Course overview

This course is designed for mid to senior-level network operations and management personnel. Participants will learn how to use the Nokia Network Functions Manager for Transport (NFM-T) for efficient and effective management of a Nokia 1830 PSS-based optical network. The course focuses on advanced optical network construction, configuration, and management. Topics include: introduction to NFM-T containers and processes; NRC-T and NSP overview; advanced node configurations (SWDM, cluster and dangling architectures); advanced services creation (based on: OTSiG tunnels, cascading configurations, ODUflex, alien lambdas, and channelized architectures); advanced ASON configurations (OTSiG tunnels in L0 core networks, L1 and mixed plane, overlay and MRN); network maintenance and transformation (traffic rerouting, current-to-nominal route conversion, link maintenance, add/remove service protection); and NFM-T main agents and processes. The course provides extensive hands-on lab exercises to ensure students gain practical skills on the topics presented.

Course objectives 

After completing the course, students should be able to: 

  • Describe the main purposes of NFM-T
  • Describe key features of NFM-T, including WebUI and menus
  • Describe the NFM-T container architecture & System administration
  • Describe the NSP purpose and main components
  • List some optical network node configurations and card types, including photonic equipment, cross-connect equipment, CPE devices and DCI-related equipment
  • Describe the Switched WDM (SWDM) node architecture
  • Explain the cluster configuration
  • Describe various node architectures, such as CDC-F (i.e., FlexGrid) v.1.0, v.2.0
  • Explain WDM/OTN convergence, by implementing cluster and SWDM
  • Describe advanced network configurations, such as mixed plane, cascading, overlay, MRN and managed plans



  • Explain key features of Automatically Switched Optical Networks Multi-region Networking (ASON MRN)
  • Describe L band needs, and C+L band support by NFM-T
  • Describe advanced optical network scenarios including L0 and L1 Control Plane and CDC-F with MRN
  • Describe the OTSiG tunnel and how to create services over OTSiG tunnels
  • Configure ODUflex services
  • Construct network architectures for alien services and lightpath
  • Explain link maintenance and traffic rerouting
  • Configure and de-configure protection mechanisms for existing services
  • Convert current GMPLS route to nominal
  • Describe NFM-T system processes and capabilities
  • Identify the process workflow used when a network is synchronized
  • Explain how to check the results and the logs
  • Identify the agents related with alarm propagation

Course modules 

Module 1 – Architecture of NFM-T

  • Introduction to NFM-T

  • Containers and processes

  • NRC-T and NSP

Module 2 – Advanced node configurations

  • Node types supported by NFM-T

  • WDM and OTN convergence: SWDM nodes

  • Cluster and dangling configurations

  • Node architectures

Module 3 – Advanced service creation

  • Network creation

  • Service creation through an OTSiG tunnel

  • Cascading service creation

  • ODUFlex service creation

  • Alien service creation

  • Channelized service creation




Module 4 – Advanced ASON configurations

  • OTSiG tunnel in L0 core network

  • L1 and mixed plane services

  • Overlay and MRN

Module 5 – Network maintenance and transformation

  • Traffic rerouting

  • Convert current route to nominal

  • Link maintenance

  • Add/remove service protection

Module 6 – Description of NFM-T main agents and processes

  • NFM-T process structure

  • NFM-T synchronization

  • PM Management

  • Alarm propagation

Schedule and registration

Nokia Advanced Optical Network Management with NFM-T

Price for this course is $3425 (USD) per seat

Duration: 5 days (9 am - 4 pm)

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Nokia Optical Network Certification (ONC) Program and Confidentiality Agreement

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