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Nokia Optical Network Management with NFM-T

Course number: ER00836-V-1803
Course duration: 5 days
Price: $3,425 US

Course overview

This course is designed for network engineers, IT personnel, and network planning personnel who need to learn the principles, provisioning methods, and general best practices related to managing optical networks with the Nokia Network Functions Manager for Transport (NFM-T). Participants are introduced to the management system architecture and main related features.

This course focuses on optical network management processes and tasks, specifically for 1830 PSS-based Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) networks, using the Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP). After introducing NSP, as well as its main components and features, the course focuses on NFM-T. Basic network operations are explained, such as network deployment and infrastructure creation. The course concludes with an overview of the main agents and processes.

Course objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Create and supervise network elements, including WDM, Switched NE, OCS and compound nodes
  • Work with network commissioning tools
  • Construct basic networks using WDM and Switched NE
  • Manage several different scenarios including Managed Plane, ASON L0 and ASON L1
  • Provision uplinks, infrastructures and services in basic network scenarios



  • Create Optical and Electrical Protection Schema

  • Create ASON protected infrastructures

  • Recognize the main NFM-T agents and processes

  • Use the webAPP application for alarm display

  • Collect performance metrics (PMs), analyze routing views

Course modules

  • Module 1 – Architecture of NSP
    • Introduction to NSP
    • Overview of Available Components
    • Main Menus
    • Overview of NFM-T Menus
    • Module Summary and Learning Assessment
  • Module 2 – Understanding the optical network models
    • Overview of OTN Standard and Optical Network Models
    • Network Elementary Components (Nodes and Cards)
    • Node Configuration Types
    • Network Models and Scenarios
    • Module Summary and Learning Assessment
  • Module 3 – Network construction
    • Construct a "Managed Plane" (MP) Network
    • Module Summary and Learning Assessment


  • Module 4 – Service implementation in Managed Plane networks
    • Managed Plane Services
    • Protection and Restoration Types
    • Module Summary and Learning Assessment
  • Module 5 – Service implementation in ASON networks
    • ASON Network 
    • Construct an L0 GMPLS Network 
    • Services in L0 GMPLS Network
    • Construct an L1 GMPLS Network
    • Services in L1 GMPLS Network
    • Module Summary and Learning Assessment
  • Module 6 – Server management
    • Overview of NFM-T Functional Agents and Components
    • Performance Monitoring management
    • Locate Network Fault Through NFM-T WebUI
    • Create and Manage User Profiles
    • Backup and Restore
    • Module Summary and Learning Assessment

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Nokia Optical Network Certification (ONC) Program and Confidentiality Agreement

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