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Nokia Optical Network Management with WaveSuite NOC (NFM-T)

Course number: ER00836
Course duration: 5 days
Price: $3,425 US

Course overview

This course is designed for network engineers, IT personnel, and network planning personnel who need to learn principles, provisioning methods, and best practices related to WaveSuite NOC. Participants are introduced to the management system architecture and main related features.  

It focuses on network management processes and tasks, specifically for 1830 PSS-based WDM networks, by using the WaveSuite NOC management system. After an initial overview of the OTN 2.0 hierarchy which foresees the OTSiG tunnel, the OTSi infrastructure, and the OTUCn framing, the most common network element architectures are depicted. Then, the student will learn how to perform the initial network construction steps, which include node creation and commissioning. Before discussing the service provisioning, there will be a comprehensive discussion of network protection mechanisms, and the differences between restoration techniques will be illustrated. Plenty of labs are foreseen for this topic so that the student can learn protections such as OCHP, OPSB, Y-cable, OMSP, OLP, and E-SNCP. Then, the student will learn about GMPLS and ASON networks are explained so that students can learn how to set up both GMPLS L0 and L1 networks. The course ends with a module dedicated to Network Analysis where the student will learn how to browse physical connections and trails, check fiber characteristics, and locate network faults. The student will also learn how to perform basic tasks related to network administration processes such as stop/start, task scheduling, and backup & restore application tasks.

Course objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Work with the network commissioning tool
  • Construct basic networks using SWDM nodes 
  • Provision uplinks, infrastructures, and services in basic network scenarios 
  • Collect and analyze alarms, PMs, routing views, and Wavelength Tracker diagrams
  • Perform fault management tasks   
  • Create and supervise network elements, including SWDM (PSS-32 and PSS-24x) nodes
  • Connect and open the WaveSuite NOC GUI
  • Explain the OTN 1.0 and 2.0 hierarchies
  • Describe the FOADM, TOADM and ROADM optical node configurations
  • Describe the C-F, CD-F and CDC-F 1.0 and 2.0 optical node configurations
  • Construct a "Managed Plane" (MP)  network
  • Verify the network is implemented and ready to support infrastructures and services
  • Implement MP infrastructures and services by using uplinks, with and without 3R
  • Implement MP services by ending them in external NEs
  • Identify the differences between protection and restoration
  • Explain optical protection schemes available through WaveSuite NOC
  • Create a regenerated service
  • Manage protections mechanisms such as OCHP, OPSB, Y-cable, OMSP, OLP, and E-SNCP
  • Describe the ASON L0 and L1 networks
  • Construct L0 and L1 GMPLS networks
  • Perform the L0 and L1 GMPLS network construction steps
  • Implement L0 and L1 GMPLS infrastructures and services, with and without 3R
  • Create a fiber break and verify the traffic is rerouted considering the SNC constraints previously configured
  • Display optical power graphs
  • Locate network faults through the WaveSuite NOC WebUI
  • Start and stop WaveSuite NOC processes
  • Perform NE backup  
  • Locate network faults through the WaveSuite NOC WebUI
  • Generate alarms and check alarm propagation on the FM app

Course modules

Module 1 – Architecture of WaveSuite NOC

  • Introduction to WaveSuite NOC
  • The WaveSuite ecosystem

Module 2 – Understanding the optical network models

  • Overview of the OTN standard
  • Network elementary components (nodes and cards)
  • Node configuration types

Module 3 – Network construction

  • Construct a Managed Plane network

Module 4 – Service implementation in Managed Plane networks

  • Managed Plane services
  • Protection and restoration types

Module 5 – Service implementation in ASON networks

  • ASON networks
  • Construct an LO GMPLS network
  • Services in L0 GMPLS networks
  • Construct an L1 GMPLS network
  • Services in L1 GMPLS networks

Module 6 – Network analysis

  • Connection analysis
  • Locate network faults
  • Network administration

Schedule and registration

Nokia Optical Network Management with WaveSuite NOC (NFM-T)

Price for this course is $3425.00 (USD) per seat

Duration: 5 days

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Nokia Optical Network Certification (ONC) Program and Confidentiality Agreement

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