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Introduction to Nokia
Optical Network Automation

Course number: OP00124
Format: web-based training (WBT)
Course duration: 4 hours (including lectures and videos)
Price: $500 US

Course overview

This eLearning provides students with an overview of Optical Network Automation including the main building blocks needed to support a variety of automation use cases. Students will learn how these use cases can be deployed through a set of standard enablers, such as standard interfaces, protocols, and models to represent and encode available data. The course includes some videos that illustrate how to leverage these enablers with the applications such as WaveSuite Network Operations Center (NOC) and the Resource Controller (RC), and directly with the 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS). 

Course objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the concept of optical network automation and its benefits 
  • Discuss trends in network automation techniques 
  • Describe the Nokia optical digital delivery strategy 
  • Explain the Nokia optical network automation ecosystem, its associated building blocks and their purpose 
  • Describe how the building blocks support automation use cases and related sub use cases: 
    • UC #1: Topology and services discovery and export
    • UC #2: Service provisioning
    • UC #3: Network provisioning
    • UC #4: Network operation
    • UC #5: Bandwidth on demand / Calendaring
    • UC #6: Network slicing
    • UC #7: Network optimization
    • UC #8: Analytics


  • Discuss optical network automation enablers which include standard interfaces, protocols, data models and encoding formats
    • Describe the North- and the South-bound interfaces
    • Identify the protocols running through the standard interfaces, such as NETCONF, RESTCONF, gRPC, and MD-CLI
    • Describe the YANG model 
    • Describe the encoding methods such as XML and JSON, and where they are used
    • Describe the 1830 PSS open interfaces (NETCONF/XML and gRPC/gNMI)

Through product demonstrations, you will be able to:

  • Explore some RESTCONF/NETCONF commands and messages with 1830 PSS/ WaveSuite NOC Network Operations Center (NOC)/WaveSuite Resources Controller (RC)/WaveSuite Service Enablement to:
    • Connect to a NETCONF-capable node such as the 1830 PSS
    • Perform actions such as authentication
    • Retrieve node details
    • Display alarms
    • Retrieve telemetry notifications 

Course modules

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Optical Network Automation
    • Section 1 – Benefits and trends
    • Section 2 – Building blocks
    • Section 3 – Use cases


    • Module 2 – Network Automation models and interfaces
      • Section 0 – Overview of the Optical Network Automation enablers
      • Section 1 – Southbound interfaces
      • Section 2 – NETCONF protocol with 1830 PSS equipment
      • Section 3 – Northbound interfaces
      • Section 4 – Implementation of T-APIs using Nokia platforms