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Nokia NRS II Lab Workshop - Version A

Course number: TER36090
Course duration: 1 day
Price: $625 US

Course overview

The NRS II Lab Workshop is devoted to having students independently work through a series of practical and challenging lab exercises. Throughout the day, students will have full access to the workshop instructor for questions, mentoring, and support. The maximum number of participants in a workshop is limited to 8 to ensure a quality level of interactivity and coaching between students and the instructor. Complete solutions for every lab exercise are included during the workshop.

There are two versions of the workshop, Version A and Version B, consisting of the lab exercises outlined below. Students can register for either version based on personal choice. Note that it is only necessary to register for one version of the workshop in order to be prepared for taking the NRS II lab exam (NRSII4A0). Students can optionally register for the second version should they desire to have an additional level of training and confidence for the exam.

Workshop lab exercises

  • Lab 1 Basic IP configuration
    •   1.1 Physical connectivity
    •   1.2 IP connectivity
    •   1.3 IPv6 connectivity
  • Lab 2 IGP configuration
    •   2.1 IS-IS in a single area
    •   2.2 6over4 tunneling
    •   2.3 OSPF in a single area
    •   2.4 OSPF in multi-area
    •   2.5 OSPFv3


  • Lab 3 MPLS configuration
    •   3.1 LDP
    •   3.2 Constraint-based RSVP-TE LSPs
    •   3.3 RSVP bandwidth reservation
    •   3.4 RSVP one-to-one Fast Reroute
  • Lab 4 Services configuration
    •   4.1 Epipe
    •   4.2 VPLS spoke termination on epipe
    •   4.3 VPLS spoke termination on IES
    •   4.4 VPRN with BGP PE-CE
    •   4.5 6VPE

Schedule and registration


Nokia NRS II Lab Workshop - Version A

Price for this course is $625 (USD) per seat

Duration: 1 day (9 am - 4 pm)

Course dates Delivery Format Virtual Time Zone or Course Location Sort ascending Language Registration
- Virtual instructor-led Paris - CET English (US) Register Now
- Virtual instructor-led New Delhi - IST English (US) Register Now
- Virtual instructor-led Chicago - CST English (US) Register Now
- Virtual instructor-led Chicago - CST English (US) Register Now

Nokia Service Routing Certification (SRC) Program and Confidentiality Agreement

Review the confidentiality agreement.