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Nokia SRA Lab Workshop - Virtual Private LAN Services

Course Number: OP00491-C-1708
Course Duration: 1 day
Price: $625 US

The Nokia SRA Lab Workshop - Virtual Private LAN Services is now retired.

Visit the SRA Lab Exam page to learn how to prepare for the lab exam.

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Course Overview

This workshop is one of four workshops dedicated to prepare individuals for the SRA Lab Exam.  Individuals work through a series of practical and challenging lab exercises. Throughout the day, students will have full access to the workshop instructor for questions, mentoring, and support. The maximum number of participants in a workshop is limited to 8 to ensure a quality level of interactivity and coaching between students and the instructor. Complete solutions for every lab exercise are included in the workshop.

The Nokia Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS) Lab Workshop is designed to help participants become more proficient with their service router configuration skills and knowledge based on the Service Routing Certification (SRC) Program VPLS course topics.  It is also a preparation tool for the VPLS section of the SRA Lab Exam. 

Course Objectives

After completing the workshop, students will:

  • Have acquired and improved their hands-on configuration skills and knowledge working in a service router network environment
  • Be better prepared to work in and support a real-world service router network



  • Be better prepared to write the SRA Lab Exam

Workshop Labs

  • Lab 1 BGP VPLS
  • Lab 2 LDP VPLS with BGP auto-discovery
  • Lab 3 MAC Protection
  • Lab 4 Full Mesh LDP VPLS
  • Lab 5 Routed VPLS


  • Lab 6 Active/Standby Pseudowire
  • Lab 7 PBB
  • Lab 8 M-VPLS
  • Lab 9 SPBM

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Nokia Service Routing Certification (SRC) Program and Confidentiality Agreement

Review the confidentiality agreement.