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Credit for Other IP Certifications

If you have already received an IP knowledge certification by one of the organizations identified below, and your certification is still valid, you may receive credit towards prerequisite IP Routing exams in the Nokia Service Routing Certification program. On validation, you will receive exemptions based on the certifications that you hold.


Nokia Exemptions

Application for Exemption

For Nokia to be able to validate Cisco and Juniper certifications and provide you with SRC exam exemptions, you must:

  1. Visit the Cisco and/or Juniper certification manager websites to publish your credentials. 
  2. Include your CCIP certification numbers.  They are usually 16 characters and CCIE certification numbers are usually 4 to 5 characters. Your personal Cisco ID (CSCxxxxxxxxx) is not a valid CCIP or CCIE certification number.
  3. Send these details along with the exemptions you are requesting to


Information submitted will be retained by Nokia for the purposes of certification validation. 

If you do not receive an email confirmation within 30 minutes, please contact us at