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Community broadband promotes success

Community broadband promotes success

Help your community thrive with ultra-broadband connectivity

Your city’s attractiveness and development now depend on fast, reliable ultra-broadband networks. These capabilities increase efficiency, boost productivity, and enhance services to citizens and businesses. Nokia can help you provide affordable, sustainable community broadband connectivity for your citizens. We have experience, expertise, and an end-to-end portfolio of products to fit your needs.

Challenge: Resolve complex issues

Community broadband projects face a range of complex issues, from the planning stages to completion. They include understanding market forces, obtaining upfront capital, and getting commitment from political leaders. In addition, legal concerns must be addressed, ranging from obtaining rights of way to satisfying construction requirements. Finally, important decisions must be made about network design and deployment.

Solution: Work with a knowledgeable, reliable partner

Communities that are launching broadband plans need to work with partners that understand the complexities associated with these projects. We have end-to-end experience on deployments worldwide, from planning and designing to building and operating community broadband networks. You can choose the level of assistance we provide and rely on our best-in-class portfolio of network products.

More competitive

Your community’s underserved areas finally connect to the digital economy

More attractive

Better broadband connections draw new residents and businesses

More opportunities

You can develop and deploy digital services that further enrich your community

What we offer

We can work with you throughout the entire community broadband project cycle, at the level you prefer. That means we can do everything for you, provide selected capabilities to complement your efforts — or give you comprehensive guidelines on doing it all yourself.

The community broadband project phases include:

  • Planning: Consultancy, business modeling, funding modeling, and risk mitigation
  • Design: Design of the network and detailed infrastructure
  • Building: Project governance, execution, installation and commissioning, operation readiness, and end-to-end testing
  • Operating: Maintenance, building and commissioning a network operations center (NOC), and managing the interface to service provider networks

We also offer a leading portfolio of products and services. They include fixed and wireless ultra-broadband, IP and optical networking, operations and business subsystems (OSS/BSS), and professional services. Our agnostic approach helps you select the technologies that are best for meeting your financial and performance requirements.



Start moving ahead with community broadband

Get a deeper view of how Nokia can help you bring broadband to your community.

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    Get the building blocks you need to create an ultra-high-speed gigabit access network for your community

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