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Evolve to one ultra-broadband mission-critical railway network

Use broadband connectivity to reduce operating costs and support legacy and new applications

Legacy railway communications systems are costly to maintain, increasingly inefficient and can’t support next-generation, bandwidth-intensive applications. This Nokia use case describes how a single communications platform can deliver high-capacity, mission-critical functions while meeting the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

China Railways modernizes their GSM-R network

Challenge: Overcome the challenges of legacy communications networks

Most communications networks used by railways around the world are either obsolete or approaching end of life. These legacy systems can no longer meet the needs of railway operators that face new demands for extreme efficiency, ultimate safety and a superior customer experience. Renewing these communications systems is a high priority.

Solution: Reap the benefits of a single mission-critical railway network

Nokia helps railway operators modernize their communications networks by using a single end-to-end mission-critical network to deliver mission-critical and less vital services and applications.

Reduce cost of old siloed legacy networks

Improve operations efficiency and passenger experience

Enhanced safety and security

Support legacy and new safety applications

Improve operations efficiency and passenger experience

Operate one network with broadband connectivity for operations and passengers

Nokia end-to-end mission-critical railway solutions for safe, on-time and connected Journeys

Nokia is the only vendor in the industry to offer a complete mission-critical end-to-end railway communications portfolio. Our complete offerings include the world's leading GSM-R solution, LTE for railways, broadband on trains, a reliable transport network, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and a dedicated professional service team with proven, turnkey capabilities and a global presence.

Nokia helps railway operators future-proof their communications network investments with carrier-grade, highly reliable solutions based on standardized technologies. We also enable a smooth migration of legacy products and services to the next generation of railway broadband technology.


Our end-to-end mission-critical railway solutions for safe, on-time, and connected journeys

Man waiting for train

Get the benefits of a single mission-critical railway communications network

Let Nokia be your trusted partner for transforming multiple legacy networks into a single, safer and more cost-effective IP/MPLS-based railway communications network. Take advantage of a complete mission-critical, end-to-end railway communications portfolio that makes it easier to ensure safe, on-time and connected journeys. And benefit from high-capacity, innovative passenger services.

Reduce cost of multiple old legacy railway networks


Discover our building blocks for the single platform railway communications network solution