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Webscale cloud for large enterprises

Operate at webscale with mission-critical network control and security

Leverage webscale approaches in your enterprise environment. This Nokia use case describes how our cloud approach makes webscale not only viable but also feasible without requiring a forklift

Challenge: Webscale demands break legacy and open source-based architectures

Webscale requirements exceed the limits of legacy and most open source architectures in three major ways. Firstly, webscale apps require leading-edge functionality not found in legacy systems. Secondly, webscale architectures must achieve very high availability and performance running on general-purpose hardware. Thirdly, scalability needs are simply beyond the design parameters of most hardware and software.

Solution: Deliver webscale within your existing environment

Nokia makes webscale functionality viable for large enterprises. Within the data center, Nokia provides a scale-out and open approach. And, throughout the cloud environment, Nokia enables software defined everything (SDE) and a layered architecture.

Reduced project risk

Migrate your existing environment to a webscale architecture without forklift upgrades or scalability lapses

Quick market response

Enable faster capture and market response by removing limitations due to vendor lock-in and hardware incompatibilities

Provides cost efficiencies that scale

Get CapEx and OpEx cost efficiencies that scale with the environment through industry-standardized hardware

Provides a scale-out and open approach

By leveraging market-leading and thought-leading network products, including those of Nuage Networks (a subsidiary of Nokia), as well as a variety of Nokia IP, optical, and other hardware, Nokia provides a scale-out and open approach to cloud networking.

As shown in Figure 1, cloud management software, such as OpenStack, makes a provisioning request across the server, network, and storage (not shown). The Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) provides the automation and security needed for the network to flex in synch with server and storage provisioning. Provisioning is consistent across multiple hypervisors, container hosts, and even bare metal servers.

By using declarative policies that are intelligently interpreted at the end point, operational requirements are decreased while increasing security overall. And, by storing each policy interpretation along with diagnostic information in a Big Data store, problem determination and compliance tracking do not break at scale.

Figure 1. Nokia makes webscale viable for large enterprises by providing a scale-out and open approach

Figure 2. Nokia provides a framework for webscale applications by enabling "software-defined everything"


Enables a "software defined everything" and layered architecture

As illustrated in Figure 2, the foundation for the webscale cloud is a robust and unified software defined networking and software defined WAN approach from Nuage Networks. With APIs based on developer-friendly standard REST, a wide variety of security and special-purpose appliances can be integrated into the application logic.

Cloud consumption interfaces enable public cloud resources to be leveraged, as well as leading development tools, such as Kubernetes and Mesos. The operations scalability interface provides communications with tools that provide mapping between physical and virtual resources along with other DevOps tools and approaches.

The flexible network interface ensures that the environment can overlay even the most sophisticated and complex network environment without requiring a forklift upgrade. At the top communication layer, the Nokia Rapport platform provides device support for a wide range of devices - from mobile through ATMs to distributed information kiosks.

How our approach changes the game

This innovative approach provides a webscale cloud with scalability up to the level of the largest web service providers. Major capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive software stack
  • Webscale-friendly development tools
  • Application templates
  • Service chaining
  • Automated, location-independent provisioning
  • Extensive device support
  • Flexible integration capabilities
  • Universal approach
  • Compliance tracking
  • Improved security

Why our approach is different

Validated by name-brand enterprise leaders including banking, social networks, and retail

Transforms the entire environment to a single software stack that can be fully controlled, automated, and secured for a software defined everything approach

Proven by some of the largest service providers in the world, this approach provides large enterprises with the ultimate scalability protection

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