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Nokia WiFi Frequently Asked Questions

General questions and features

What is Nokia WiFi, versus Beacon 3?

Nokia WiFi is a solution, consisting of three elements:

  • the Beacon 3
  • the mobile app: used to install and manage your Wi-Fi network
  • the Home Portal, a real-time management tool giving a holistic on the in-home network.


Why would I buy a Nokia WiFi Beacon 3, instead of any other brand?

The Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 has a number of key differentiators that make it stand out:

  • Real-time spectrum analysis and channel AI to detect and resolve any interference (Wi-Fi, microwaves, Bluetooth devices, …) and thus always guarantee the best possible channel
  • Device fingerprinting takes into account the devices’ capabilities and provides the shortest path through the in-home network
  • Fast rerouting on the backhaul in case of link failure (as fast as 500ms)
  • Mesh for whole home coverage
  • High performance antennas
  • 3x3 on 802.11bgn and 4x4 MIMO on 802.11ac


Are the Beacons for indoor use only?

Yes, the Beacons are for indoor use only.


Can this be used to enhance Wi-Fi coverage outside of the house (back yard and patio for instance)?

Albeit the Beacons are for indoor use only, they do have a powerful Wi-Fi signal: with 1 Beacon, you can cover up to 2000 sq.ft or 180 m2.


What is the Wi-Fi performance of the Beacon 3?

The Beacon 3 provides a 3x3 MIMO on 802.11bgn and 4x4 MIMO on 802.11ac.
In addition, it uses high power Wi-Fi antennas, with an EIRP of up to 1W on 802.11ac (depending on country regulation).
As a result, the Beacon 3 is an AC3000 capable device.


Are the Beacons compatible with any Service Provider?

Yes, the Beacons are compatible with any ISP: you only need an Ethernet connection to an existing modem or gateway. So, on one hand, the Beacons are independent of any Service Provider, but you still need an Internet connection (provided via the modem/gateway of the Service Provider).


Can the Beacons be used in a large home?

Yes: 1 Beacon covers about 2000 sq.ft (180 m2); 2 Beacons cover up to 4000 sq.ft (360 m2); 3 Beacons cover up to 6000 sq.ft (540 m2);


Do I need the Mobile App to use the solution?

No, you only need the mobile app:

  • to install the Wi-Fi network (install the root Beacon, and potentially add more Beacons to extend the coverage)
  • to manage the Wi-Fi network (manage the guest network, change the network parameters,…)


Does this work with other vendor routers/APs?

We do not support other vendor routers/APs.


Where can I purchase Nokia WiFi Beacons?

We work with resellers, who promote the Beacons on on-line stores, like Amazon.

To date the following on-line stores are available:

We are working to add more countries.

What is the price of the Nokia WiFi Beacons?

Please refer to the on-line stores for the cost per country.

Is there any usage fee?

If you buy the Beacons from any on-line store, there is no usage fee.

Why are the Beacons more expensive than Google or Eero?

Google and Eero provide lower Wi-Fi performance; e.g. they provide a 2x2 MIMO, while the Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 provides a 3x3 MIMO on 802.11bgn and 4x4 MIMO on 802.11ac.

Which packages do you foresee?

Via the on-line stores, we provide a single unit, a two-pack and a three-pack



Where can I find the user guide?

The User Guide can be found here:

Does the Beacon replace the equipment provided by my service provider?

You need an Internet connection (typically provided via the modem/gateway of the Service Provider).
You can then connect the first Beacon (referred to as the root Beacon) to this Internet connection.

How long does it take to install a Beacon?

You can simply use the mobile app’s instructions step-by-step to install the Beacons. If you accept all the default values (e.g. default SSID, password, …), it takes approximately 2-3 minutes to install any Beacon (root Beacon or additional Bacons).

How do I connect an additional Beacon to the root Beacon (the one connected to the Internet)?

The Beacon 3 has a hybrid backhaul, meaning that you can either use an Ethernet cable, or you can rely on a wireless backhaul (via Wi-Fi). In either case, the Beacon will analyze the network, and will determine whether to use Ethernet, the 5GHz Wi-Fi (less interference) or the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (longer reach) as backhaul.

Do I need to do anything to ensure I have the latest SW?

No, we use automatic updates, so your SW will always have the latest version
Please check on the Home Portal if your time zone is set correctly, since the SW is typically upgraded at 3am.

Connecting devices

How many client devices can I connect to the Nokia WiFi network?

With the current SW release, you can connect up to 32 client devices to the Nokia WiFi network

How can I connect devices to the Beacon?

There are 2 ways to connect devices:

  • Use the SSID and password, as printed on the sticker on the bottom of the root Beacon (the one connected to the Internet)
  • Use the WPS button


Getting support

How can I get support?

There are two ways to get support:

Send an email to
Go to the website ( and click on the chat button (bottom right)