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MBiT Index 2021

Total data traffic grew ~60x in last 5 years; over 13.5GB data usage per subscriber per month, India stands tall amongst the mature markets

Mobile Broadband India Traffic Index

Nokia MBiT Index is a report on mobile broadband performance in India. It aims to provide valuable insight, data and analysis on mobile broadband and traffic growth in India, by co-relating these trends with various demand and supply-side drivers of the connectivity ecosystem such as handsets and devices, content, subscriber usage patterns and network investments by mobile operators.

MBiT Index 2021

This edition of the MBiT Index evaluates

  • 3G, 4G and overall data traffic growth trends at a pan-India and circle category level
  • Data consumption per user on 3G and 4G for 2020 and data usage pattern
  • Key developments on the content and OTT side of the market.
  • Current device ecosystem for 4G and VoLTE devices
  • FTTx and FWA – boosting broadband connectivity for digital India


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Key Highlights of MBiT Index 2020

  • With ~60x traffic growth in last 5 years and 13.5 GB avg. data usage per subscriber per month, India stands tall amongst the mature markets
  • Overall data traffic increased by 36% in 2020 due to continued 4G consumption, while 3G data traffic showed its highest ever decline of 56%
  • 4G constituted 98.7% of total data traffic consumed across the country; category A & B circles accounted for 76% of total data traffic
  • Overall avg. data usage per month registered a CAGR of 76% from 2015-2020 reaching 13.5 GB in December 2020
  • 4G device base reflected a continuous growth of 20% in 2020. VoLTE handsets support grew to 93% of unique 4G devices
  • With ~5 hours of daily time spend on smartphones, India is one of the highest consumers of data per day, surpassing China; short videos have emerged as the fastest growing content category
  • With only 22 mn fixed broadband subscribers, India poses significant growth opportunities both in terms of FTTx and FWA to generate a new revenue stream for operators

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