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MBiT Index 2023

MBiT Index 2023: Mobile data traffic in India increased three-fold during 2018- 2022, reaching over 14 exabytes per month. 

Mobile Broadband India Traffic Index

Nokia MBiT Index is a report on mobile broadband performance in India. It aims to provide valuable insights, data and analysis on mobile broadband and traffic growth in India by co-relating these trends with various demand and supply-side drivers of the connectivity ecosystem such as handsets, devices, content and subscriber usage patterns.

MBiT Index 2023

This 10th edition of the MBiT Index evaluates

  • How data consumption, revenue growth, and 5G smartphone sales shall be accelerated with 5G gaining momentum
  • Overall data traffic growth trends (pan-India, circle level and per user)
  • Current device ecosystem in India
  • How 5G is enabling private wireless network for various Industry 4.0 applications


Key highlights of MBiT Index 2023

  • CAGR of 50% in the last 6 years for mobile data,19.5 GB avg. data usage per subscriber per month
  • Mobile data traffic jumped 3.2x in last five years and reached 14.4 Exabyte in 2022
  • Average data per user per month grew 2x in last five years
  • With 5G gaining momentum, 4G & 5G data combined accounts for near 100% of the total mobile data traffic
  • Mobile data in India will grow more than double by 2024, with 5G as the new accelerator
  • India poised for an accelerated private network deployments in enterprises, driven by 5G
  • Investment to the tune of US$ 250 mn by 2027 in private wireless; Manufacturing, Utilities and Transportation to constitute majority of private network deployment
  • Private 5G networks to play a crucial role in driving efficiency, productivity and sustainability as enterprises evolve to Industry 4.0

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