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Abate flooding risks by taking a smarter more predictive approach to transportation

Climate change is real. The impact runs deep into our hearts and pockets.

This fall alone we’ve seen devastating and historic flooding around the globe. The highest water levels since 1966 in Venice, Italy; damaging floods in England, southern France and in the mid-western United States; and a record-breaking monsoon season in India. Each week there seems to be another climate change impact making the daily news cycle.  

The economic impact of the climate crisis is enormous. If we look at flooding for example it is estimated that the economic impact of flooding globally is in excess of $96 Billion today and this could rise to $521 Billion by 2030. The chart below shows the cost impacts of flooding on our railway systems.

How do we get to work, the store, or the hospital when our roadways and subways have been impacted? When train tracks are flooded, how do goods and services get delivered across the continent? The answer is… they don’t. But can they?

Impacts to industry

Source: Federal Rail Administration

We need to slow the change and utilize intelligent tools to help us adapt to a new normal.

Companies around the world, Nokia included, are taking a more aggressive stance on climate goals. This is essential to try to slow the effects of climate change – and resulting flooding. Old targets have been adjusted, and as Nokia’s CEO stated in his blog in September, we’re committing to do all we can to meet the new limits. 

This focus is driving the development of innovative new technologies and tools based on the evolution to 5G, machine learning, advanced analytics and IoT each offering a critical role to play. 

What if, in addition to doing all we can to slow climate change, we could also take a smarter, more predictive approach to help us abate the risks from flooding in this new climate situation? 

Railways are especially at risk for flooding events. However, we can leverage new solutions that utilize machine learning and advanced analytics to make predictive and preventative measures to keep our railways moving smoothly. With solutions like Water Events prediction, the impacts of flooding can be proactively addressed. The customizable tools help railway operators identify their specific potential risk areas for flash flooding. With this information we can create better plans to address the impacts, and predictively anticipate shifts in the climate and geology to automate route changes. With intelligent, actionable data at their fingertips, railway operators can make more effective capital improvement decisions to help maintain the operational velocity of the railway. 

With water events prediction:

  • Trains can be predictively re-routed, intelligently adapting to the forecasted environmental situation. 
  • Geologic and weather data can be married with intelligent, automated systems to improve railway safety, and keep trains on track.
  • Communications can be optimized with better information to ensure the best situational awareness – facilitating faster responses to hard to predict and flash weather events.

With analytics, intelligence, and pervasive ultra-broadband we have the tools to help break the cycle of destruction and instead protect and preserve of our planet and each other. 

Visit here for more information on railway automation and intelligence. 

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