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Celebrating Integrity Day 2023 at Nokia

Integrity day

It’s that time of year again. Nokia is celebrating Integrity Day! We select one day each year to reinforce our collective commitment to the highest ethical business practices and focus on the importance of maintaining the values that keep us in the ranks of one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies®.” Integrity plays a critical role in the continued success and growth of our company. As a trusted provider of choice, we hold ourselves accountable for our actions, which earns the trust of our customers and partners in working with us. Integrity Day at Nokia serves as a reminder of how integrity can be a competitive differentiator. 

We invite all employees in the company to participate in this event. Our business leaders and employees welcome this opportunity to share their perspectives on integrity, trust and a strong ethical culture. A global panel discussion allows our employees to engage directly with several of our leaders about the importance of business ethics in a healthy work environment. 

We also conduct local events around the globe, where employees can meet their local leadership and Legal and Compliance representatives, take part in discussions, and participate in fun activities and contests. Another highlight of the event is recognizing employees who have exhibited exemplary ethical behavior by going above and beyond to safeguard and promote a culture of integrity. Our Integrity Day event mobilizes and inspires us to stay vigilant and remain committed to our values.

Nokia’s Code of Conduct reflects our values and expresses our personal commitment to earn trust every day. We are extremely proud of our company values and strong ethical culture. Want to learn more? Conducting our business with integrity | Nokia 


Alexis Mendoza

About Alexis Mendoza

Alexis is Nokia’s Chief Compliance Officer and responsible for leading a global team of ethics, compliance and regulatory professionals.

He enjoys applying a deep understanding of the business to compliance topics and helping drive sustainable growth in an open, speak-up culture. Alexis is also active in the equality, diversity and inclusion space both internally and externally to drive change within the legal profession. 

Connect with Alexis on LinkedIn.


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